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My First Scupt: An Obliterator – WIP – and why I had Green Stuff

So I’ve developed this habit: when I try something new, I go all out and skip to the hard stuff. See my Mentor Legion post when I wanted to try painting white armor. See my WIP (kinda dead-in-progress right now) Scratch built Titan. Well the newest thing I decided to ‘try out’ is sculpting. I’ve done some green stuff work to fill gaps and create some honor badges for my Iron Warrior Chosen, but I haven’t done any true sculpting.Well after scouring FTW, The Painting Corp, and Massive Voodoo for how to sculpt and digging through the Chaos Codex (all three editions), Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, and Iron Warrior for ideas I grabbed my tools and got to work. Below are some very rough WIP shots of the first Obliterator (eventually I will do three). Obviously, there is still plenty of work to do on the upper half, but eventually the robe will continue on his upper half, including a draping hood. The left arm (the one with the chain blade) is not attached so …

Iron Warriors Rhino #1 - back

Iron Warriors Rhino #3 Finished

Decided to finish each of the Rhinos one at a time, so here is the first. I credit Wienas for the idea o f hazard strips on the front panel, so thanks for that! I think they turned out ok. I made the mistake of deciding to paint the interior and although it turned out ok, the amount of work that went into something that may never been seen any way… not so sure.

Iron Warrior Terminator Squad 4

Iron Warriors Terminator Squad 4 Complete

So as I continue to balance between completing old units and finishing new ones (see the Mentor Legion guys I just finished) I have put the finishing touches on my 4th Iron Warriors Terminator squad (WIP shots here). There wasn’t much left to finish on this squad. I finished the base using my new style and painted on the XIV to mark them as part of the 14th Grand Company. Standard bolter and power ax with the obligatory Space Marine helmet. Heavy flamer and power fist with the cool helmet from the Sorcerer Lord kit. Chainfist time and a trophy rack with my Brother-in-law’s Hive Fleet Behemoth head on display. Combi-flamer and another power ax. This is by far the coolest chainfist, fitting I also give him the combi-meltagun.One more squad off the painting table and marked green in the status page! Next up is the rhinos…

Rhino of 14th Grand Company

Iron Warrior Rhinos – WIP

The ever faithful Rhinos! These are 3 of the 4 rhino transports currently possessed by the 14th Grand Company with the 4th being an ancient piece needing some fierce care before being shown to the public. All three are in various states of near-done. Mostly it is the various copulas that need to be finished and details added. Oh, and this one is now missing the roof, some how got left at the LFGS and never found, teaches me to not just seal it up and hide the inside. I made heavy use of the washes for all three tanks, perhaps too heavy. I wanted to give a worn, weathered look which is often hard for ‘silver’ areas as they don’t have paint chips. Instead they came off a bit blotchy and may need some touch ups… we’ll see. [amazonify]B0009JJZ2G[/amazonify]

Iron Warriors Vindicator

Iron Warriors Vindicator

So this is one that I’ve have done for a long time but seem to have failed to capture it on film. Personally I really like the vindicator and put it in nearly every army list. Sure it is a one-trick pony with its one big gun but no matter what it hits, it is gonna hurt. In objective missions I’ll often leave the vindicator in reserve to give the enemy time to move towards my objectives. Once the tank rolls on it should be able to find a nice juicy target to demolish. [amazonify]B0010A1AHQ[/amazonify]

Chaos Sorcerer Done

Another step to finishing the Golden Throne challenge, my Chaos Sorcerer is not finished. I’m not completely happy with how he turned out but for now he is done, perhaps I’ll come back to him and touch him up. Tzeentch has always been my favorite of the Chaos powers so naturally I did this sorcerer in the colors of the master of change.  The challenge is to have him still fit in with the rest of my army. I’m not sure how well this comes off in the end though. As with Fabius, I took step-by-step pictures: I wasn’t sure what colors I was going to paint where so I “blocked” out the main colors to get an idea of how it would fit together. Next up is 3 squads of bikers for my fast attack. I’m hoping to do this much quicker than the models to date, the Golden Throne Challenge is half over and I have 2/3s of the models left to paint.

Fabius Bile

Another classic model that I’ve had since third edition, Fabius Bile used to be a potentially amazing (or horrible) character – all his stats were D6 modified! One of my goals for this Golden Throne challenge (other than actually paint all the force org slots) is to try some different painting techniques.  For my terminators and obliterators I focused on the faces and tusks. For Fabius I wanted to try white power armor and even more practice on his face and fleshy robe. I know he is painted with a dark purple armor in the codex but I figured that since Fabius used to be the chaplain of the Emperor’s Children the traditional white armor would be fitting as well. Other than the armor and darker robe I tried to follow how the original GW Fabius looks. For both my own records and since I have been asked before how I paint different aspects of my army I also kept notes and took stage-by-stage pictures of Fabius. Next up is a Sorcerer to finish my …


I finished my Obliterators as well, which fills my heavy support slots for the Golden Throne painting challenge. Some of you old time players may recognize these classic sculpts by Dave Andrews, for those who didn’t play 3rd edition CSM behold the glory of old school Chaos: That’s right, these guys are so awesome they have guns out of their eyes, mouth and chest! They are smaller than the current models (they used to be on the smaller bases) but how could I pass up repainting these guys and putting them on the battlefield? One thing I did do with both of these and my terminators I just finished is a slightly different base colors. I had been doing grays for gravel for city besieging but it seemed to make the whole model more dull and blur with the silver. Instead I tried a more organic look with browner gravel and grass. I used graveyard earth for the base and highlighted with bleached bone added to it.  The grass is a mixture of GW’s scorched …

More IW Terminators Finished – Golden Throne Painting and ToEMP Final

Well I was happy to continue plodding along my with my Traitor Guard army (I have a handful of guys to add and half a dozen tanks to paint) but when I happened to stop by my local GW I was told about the Golden Throne painting challenge. Basically you get 6 weeks to fully paint a full force org chart. Although I do have plenty of guard to paint the was no way I could fill up a force org without buying a great deal of new guys. Instead I pulled out my old, metal Iron Warriors (the ones I painted many years back). I had already dunked a handful of them and after adding in the ones I was planning on adding to the green tank I am short only one bike of a full chart! It wouldn’t be a very competitive list (not sure the survivability of 3 man terminators and 5 man troop squads), but it fits the bill. The first selection filled, my Elites with three 3 man squads. Squad …

A Year in Review

After reading through December’s White Dwarf article about GW’s year in review I was inspired to look back on what I had accomplished this year. January The 14th Grand Company blog is started The Iron Warriors are started: Baneblade Dreadnaught Land Raider Captain Nestryx Raptors February Must have slept through this month! March The scratch built titan is started The Basilisk company is finished April Defilier Terminators A little progress on the titan Chaos Space Marine Squad May Another CSM troop squad done Three weeks in the hospital for appendicitis June The traitor guard army begins with Platoon Command The Warsmith is started My first 40k tourny, taking 2nd place July The Warsmith is painted The Traitor Guard grows with Platoon with lascannon support Seattle hits 90+ degree temperatures and I learn how to paint in the heat August Another platoon finished I join A Tale of Even More Painters and 73rd encourages many to finish those projects The Company command is finished and the traitor guard is a legit army A Leman Russ appears …

Tanksgiving Indeed

Just got back from the Tanksgiving event at the local GW store, and wow there were a lot of tanks there. One gent alone brought 200+ IG, Eldar and Tau tanks, walkers and a few Avatars. Although our store didn’t have the most in the region (two others had 1,000+!) we tallied up 800 tanks, walkers, large targets, monsters and supper heavies. Now for some picts! First up the growing tank arsenal of the 14th Grand Company: And Group Shot #1 And shot #2 And more tanks! Sorry a few are a bit blurry, the camera was having some issues, but I think it gets the point across: a table full of tanks is crazy, but 4 tables full of tanks is crazier! Also if you take a look at my tanks you get a peak of what is on my painting bench and been keeping me busy: 5 more Russes and a Chimera to bulk up my traitors!

Nothing Like a Big Game to Get Excited Again

So I haven’t really been that active in the 40k world this last month for many reasons, one of which was a low excitement for the hobby. This was in part due to not playing a game in nearly 2 months. In the last two weeks though I have had the chance to play my traitor guard twice and took part in a ridiculously huge Apocalypse game. My traitor guard played brilliant and pulled off a win in the last turn in both games. The first was against a small, elite space marine bike army that hit hard but was brittle. Highlight of that game was one of my platoon commanders surviving an assault of 3 bikers and in return cutting all three down with his power weapon! Game two was against a drop pod army hurt the turn it came in but lacked any mobility. Highlight of that game was my banewolves coming in from reserve and toasting an entire tactical squad. In revenge my opponent dropped his sternguard squad with 8 (yes eight!) …