Painting Tutorials

My listing of the painting tutorials, how-to, walk through posts I have created to help give back to the greater hobby community.

Painting Tutorials and Guides

General Painting Tips

How to Paint Black Armor and Clothing

Black is one of those ‘hard’ colors which is why I put together this painting guide with three different ways to paint black. All three can be as quick and simple as you need, or add more layers to create an even better look.

Tutorial on How to Paint Yellow with layers, wash, and one coat paints

Yellow is another one of those ‘hard’ colors. So I put together a tutorial on how to paint yellow with three different techniques.

Tips to improve your painting skills

As part of the Improve Your Hobby Skills Series, there is a whole heap of painting tips to help you improve as a painter.

Build and Paint a Custom Base

The first half of this tutorial focuses on building a custom base out of extra bits, but the second looks at how to paint a custom base with muddy texture and weathering powders.

Painting a Large Base Finished

For another tutorial on painting custom bases, I created this one for my Carnifex including water effects and cork for rocks.

This Watch This video showcases Greg and how he paints with washes. He is painting Orks, but painting with washes can be a quick way to finish armies and make them look good.

 Skin and Faces

Painting Black Faces

I wanted to improve how I paint different skin tones and faces, so I glued some spares to nails and created a tutorial for dark skin faces.

How to paint white skin and faces

And a second tutorial for light skin faces.

Freehand and Decals

Painting Space Marine Banner Tutorial

I used a mixture of painting over decals and freehand to paint my Mentor Legion company banner. Using decals is a great way to get started with freehand as it provides a template to work within.


How I hacked custom decals for my Knight Titan from various other decal sheets and a little free hand touch ups.

Painting Orks

I love painting Orks as they are a great mix of dirty, beaten metal, and colorful, almost cartoon-like charm. I paint my Orks as the Death Skull clan, but you can easily modify the colors to reflect any of the Ork clans by switching the color of the panels.Showcase of Deathskull Morkanaut

I have been working on building up a Dread Mob for my orks as it not only looks awesome, but they are fun and quick to paint. For the Morkanaut I provide a painting guide for the rusty metal and high-contrast metal plates.

How to Paint Ork Trukk

I walk through on how to paint an Ork Trukk step by step.


A tutorial on how I painted the wheels for the Ork Trukk, not nearly as sexy, but full of little details like weathering powders.


Painting the Ork Warboss from Assault on Black Reach for my Death Skull Clan.

Painting Tyranids

Paint a carnifex banner

Painting Tyranids is a great break from painting hard lines of Marines or the dirtiness of Orks. Here I wrote a tutorial on how I paint my Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex.

As a second tutorial on painting Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyranids, I used the Broodlord from the Baal box set.

Painting AdMech and Skatarii

Guest Post by Ben on Painting Blue Adeptus Mechanicus

Ben did a guest post series on painting his Blue AdMech and Skatarii force.

Painting Iron Warriors

How to Paint Iron Warriors

How I paint my Iron Warriors in a huge, six-part post including the metallics, bone, demon weapons, and the details.

Further Reading

As there are so many awesome hobbyists out there creating painting tutorials, I couldn’t fit them all here without this page becoming huge. Instead, check out the Finishing Touches post where I plan to update with tutorials that relate to painting.