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Watch This: Painting With Washes

Today’s Watch This is from Greggle’s on Feed Your Nerd where he shows us how to batch paint Orks with nothing but washes. That’s right, everything except the metal details is painting with applications of wash layered over a shaded base coat.

Watch This Painting with Washes with Greg

Watch This: Painting with Washes

One of the things I like about Greg’s video is that he shows the technique on one Ork, but then cut-tapes ahead to show the whole batch finished. This makes for a nice way to learn the technique, but not watch paint dry. If you haven’t checked out Greg’s fantastic Orks, do so at

The Steps:

For those that didn’t watch the full video, or want a quick text steps of how he did it, I’ve put them down below. Note, I updated a few of the colors to the modern GW washes.

Ork Nobz Painting with Washes

Ork Nobz by Greggles, painted mostly with washes

  1. Prime models white (bonus: prime dark gray first then white from above)
  2. Wash the whole model with Agrax Earthshade
  3. Wash skin with Beil-Tan Green
  4. For larger Orks apply second (or third) layer of Beil-Tan
  5. Casandora Yellow for the yellow clothes
  6. Leadbeltcher on metal areas (only non-wash Greg uses)
  7. Nuln Oil over metal and black pants
  8. Highlight details like the Teef

I still have a pile of renegade cultists that need a quick paint job, and I’ve watched this video a few times to think about how I may go about it.

Your Thoughts

What do you guys think about painting with washes as a quick way to get units completed? Add your pictures to the comments below or share a link to your miniatures painted with washes.