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Completed Deff Dread for Dreadtober 2017

Despite this being one of the busiest months I’ve had in a long while, I have managed to finish the Deff Dread for Dreadtober 2017. Adding another stomping wonder of Ork technology to my Death Skulls army.

I won’t get too much into the RL issues keeping me from painting and posting. But I have struggled to keep up with Dreadtober this year and appreciate Todd for hosting it.

For me, painting is a way to relieve stress so I am happy I have been able to get some of that done this month and finish the Deff Dread for my Death Skulls.

Ork Deff Dread

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Upper Left

My other Deff Dread was pure close combat with four arms of bashing goodness. I gave this one a bit more ranges punch with a pair of missiles launchers.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Upper Right

There is a certain irony that Orks are the easiest to convert due to their ramshackle nature. But I also feel the least amount of need to do so and the walkers. They already have so much character and fun built in.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Left

I was inspired by Greg’s last set of Orks where he added non-black-and-white checks. On the should I used blue instead for luck.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Right

I took lots of pictures during the paint process so I hope to get another tutorial up for the Deff Dread. I already posted one for the Killa Kans and Morkanaut. Painting my Orks are pretty straightforward and messy – perfect for short stints of painting time.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Top

I used the plastic bases from GW in part because they are cheap and easy to paint. But also because I want to get some of my minis into White Dwarf. I still have a stockpile of Secret Weapon Miniature bases for future projects though.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Front Right

Ready to rip some face!

Dreadtober 2017

As I mentioned at the top, this was my pledge for Dreadtober 2017. Sneaking this post in right at the deadline.

If you haven’t already checked out the other hobbyists work, there were lots of great projects posted on the Dreadtober blog.

Death Skulls Deff Dread From the Front

The Dread Mob Grows

I wanted to leave you with a picture of the growing Dread Mob. This isn’t the whole Ork army, but just the walkers.

Death Skulls Dread Mob Forming

The Stompa needs a bit more love to finish and then I’ll need to add more walkers to the Christmas wish list.