While I don’t often play anymore, I still enjoy building armies as it creates a story and consistency to each model. Below you will find links to each of my army’s that include a showcase of each model and many have painting tutorials as well.

Mentor Legion Army

I picked the Mentor Legion when my local Games Workshop started a painting competition where each member would paint a unit from each of the chapters on a poster GW had put out. I wanted to paint a white army, but not an all-white army as that would be boring. When I found the Mentors and read their background, I was hooked.

I have regretted the decision at times as they are a terribly hard army to paint between the challenge of white and the dark green and red combination trying hard to look like Christmas. But the force grows and there are a TON of miniatures still in the bits box waiting for love.

Who doesn’t love a Knight Titan? This was such an exciting kit for Games Workshop to release and I was so happy when my wife picked one up for me. I still have two more in the Coset of Doom waiting for attention, and a name for my custom house.

Ork Army Banner

I love painting Orks because they are a great combination of dirty and worn, with a mix of colorful and comical qualities. I choose the Death Skull clan as I love blue and they have a habit of scavenging bits from every other clan anyway.

Tyranid Army Banner

Most of this army is actually my brother-in-law’s when he got excited to start playing. He painted a few of them in Hive Fleet Behemoth colors, and I finished the rest of the army. They are fun and easy to paint and I may grow it in the future.


The Iron Warriors were my first army way back in 3rd Edition. I think I chose them in part because there was a painting tutorial for them in the codex. Drybrush Boltgun Metal, paint the awful amount of trim gold and add the decals. Done. I have since improved my painting a bit since then.


To branch out from my Iron Warriors, and inspired by Storm of Iron, I wanted to add my own chaff bulk to the army. The orange look of my Traitor Guard was both to add color to the army as well as make them appear like penal escapees.

Painting Mansions of Madness Miniatures

While not an army per se, I have been painting up the miniatures from the Mansion of Madness 1st Edition game from Fantasy Flight Games. Not the best cast miniatures ever, but it does make the game a lot more intense with added color.

Blood Bowl

Painting and Showcase of Blood Bowl Teams

I have been working on collecting each of the teams for Blood Bowl so that I can play with family and friends during board game nights. Here is the collection of showcase and tutorial posts for each of the teams.


I still need to create a project page for my Lizardmen and Dark Elves (or their AoS names now I guess), and other projects I have in different states of completion.