Traitor Guard

I started the Traitor Guard to support my Iron Warriors army. I loved the idea of using chaff normal humans in Storm of Iron and themed my army around that. So the troop squads are minimally armed, the tanks are fairly simple, and the HQ is the only ‘gifted’ unit.

I also wanted to add color to my army, so went with a streaked-orange look which is a lot of fun, and easy to paint.

Traitor Guard HQ

Company Command Squad

The Company Command Squad is probably my most elite unit within the Traitor Guard army. A bit fitting yeah? I usually ran the commander as Creed and hid him in the Chimera to run around and boost the troop squads.

Traitor Guard Veteran Squad

Traitor Guard Veteran Squad

While I only used this squad in a few games, it was a ton of fun to create a Traitor Guard Veteran Squad that really told a story. Lots of conversions throughout and even a couple of minor sculpting work.

Traitor Leman Russ

The Leman Russ Demolisher Squadron was a bit of a hack job as at the time the Demolisher was a metal upgrade bit to the kit. The lead tank is actually from the Baneblade kit and the third is just a shorted Russ turret with a few extra bits.

Traitor Leman Russ 3 Final - Left

I need to take pictures of the normal Leman Russ Squadron, but these are all the old kit as well.

Traitor Bane Wolf Squadron

I also ran a squadron of two Banewolves who were fantastic for mowing down Marines or cowering Tau. Being a fast tank also allowed it to move 12″ before laying waste.

Traitor Guard Troop Squads

I need to get better pictures of the troop platoons, but this is the command squad from the first. I kept the platoon commands fairly minimal for point’s sake, both troop squads only had flamers, and then included two heavy weapon squads to lay down the firepower.

This is the second platoon, armed pretty much the same as the first. Not shown is the two heavy weapon squads.

Sentinel Squads

I used the Scout Sentinels to ambush light vehicles. The missiles were cheap enough that I didn’t mind if I lost them, but strong enough to take out tanks.


The Armored Sentinels were often used as target practice, I think because plasma guns were viewed as scary weapons (this was before vehicle took damage from Gets Hot)