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Bane Wolves – ToEMP #7b Done and Must Have Unit

This is a combinational post. First of it is to display my second entry for ToEMPs but also for FTW’s request for our “Must Have Unit.” I’ve only played a few games for my traitor guard, but in all the games my Bane Wolves have made a huge difference by either killing 15 marines in one turn or taking a lot of shots while my lowly platoons take the objectives. These tanks aren’t real tough but they are fast and they are very deadly, which causes many people to fear them to the point of ignoring anything else.

Even though there are the disadvantages of running these tanks in a squadron, it does give them more survivability – I really just need one shot from the chem cannon to make that marine player cry 🙂 Also my fast attack slots are all filled with my scout and armored sentinels (which are other favorite units!).

Bane Wolf 1:

Bane Wolf 1 - Front

Bane Wolf 1 - Side

Bane Wolf 1 - Rear

And its pack mate, Bane Wolf 2:

Bane Wolf 2 - Front

Bane Wolf 2 - Side

Bane Wolf 2 - Rear

For the ToEMP this unit gives me an additional:

  • Vehicles x2: 20 pnts
  • Vehicle details x2: 10 pnts
  • Challenge 7b total: 30 pnts
  • Challenge 7 total: 37

Whats next? Well in part it depends on what the next challenge is for ToEMP but I have 4 Leman Russes in the mail to add to the one I have finished and the Demolisher I need to strip and repaint, this will give me a full squad of Leman Russes and a full squad of Demolishes! I would like to get these all done for Tanks-giving but we’ll see how that goes!