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Tanksgiving Indeed

Just got back from the Tanksgiving event at the local GW store, and wow there were a lot of tanks there. One gent alone brought 200+ IG, Eldar and Tau tanks, walkers and a few Avatars. Although our store didn’t have the most in the region (two others had 1,000+!) we tallied up 800 tanks, walkers, large targets, monsters and supper heavies.

Now for some picts!

First up the growing tank arsenal of the 14th Grand Company:

Tanks of the 14th Grand Company

Tanks of the 14th Grand Company

And Group Shot #1

Tanks Giving 2009 #1And shot #2

Tanks Giving 2009 #2And more tanks!

Tanks Giving 2009 #3Sorry a few are a bit blurry, the camera was having some issues, but I think it gets the point across: a table full of tanks is crazy, but 4 tables full of tanks is crazier!

Also if you take a look at my tanks you get a peak of what is on my painting bench and been keeping me busy: 5 more Russes and a Chimera to bulk up my traitors!