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Something Coming (not an 8th Edition Post)

This is just a quick post as I’ve been somewhat head down the last little bit trying to finish a new project. It doesn’t involve plastic and glue, but rather I’ve finally turned all this writing I’ve been doing into an actual book! Ironic, considering that English was my worst subject through school. I’ll have more info next week once I nail down some of the specifics, but I figured I would go all Games Workshop and announce it before the rumor mill spoils the fun. (rumor mills cover my blog right? 🙂

Miniature of a Different Kind

So this isn’t too related to our plastic crack addictions, but as those who follow my blog can tell, I have nearly fallen off the face of the earth this last year. A big part of this is I have now joined the legion of hobbyist fathers! On the plus side, since I’m taking time off of work to take care of him and the Mrs, I have actually got a bit done and will post it as soon as I get some sleep and edit the pictures.

Tanksgiving Indeed

Just got back from the Tanksgiving event at the local GW store, and wow there were a lot of tanks there. One gent alone brought 200+ IG, Eldar and Tau tanks, walkers and a few Avatars. Although our store didn’t have the most in the region (two others had 1,000+!) we tallied up 800 tanks, walkers, large targets, monsters and supper heavies. Now for some picts! First up the growing tank arsenal of the 14th Grand Company: And Group Shot #1 And shot #2 And more tanks! Sorry a few are a bit blurry, the camera was having some issues, but I think it gets the point across: a table full of tanks is crazy, but 4 tables full of tanks is crazier! Also if you take a look at my tanks you get a peak of what is on my painting bench and been keeping me busy: 5 more Russes and a Chimera to bulk up my traitors!