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Dreadtober 2017 Announcement

Yeah, finally some Dreadtober news for 2017! TL;DR: it is happening, but Todd is hosting it this year! So get ready for Dreadtober 2017!

Dreadtober 2017 Banner

As this is the third annual Dreadtober event, many of you have either participated or at least witnessed the challenge before. Last year I hosted almost 100 hobbyists around the world to build, paint, and photograph a dreadnought type miniature. Over 50 finished their projects and tons more cheered them on.

Where to Get Involved for 2017

This year Todd (SincaiN40K) is in charge of the event and decided to create a whole new website over on Blogspot to run it. Heading over to is where you can find out how to get involved and check out the latest updates.

He has even set up an email address for the project to make it easier to keep track of going forward. So if you are excited to get a dreadnought-ish miniature built in October, sign up!

As for me, I am transitioning jobs at the moment and starting a role and a new company. So October is going to be even busier than the last few months have been. I still have a Deffdread that is built and primed, so if I can sneak in some extra time I plan to get it painted up.

Book Sale Bonus

While I am not running the event this year, I will still be reposting some of the helpful posts I wrote up last year on building, painting, and photography.

How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills BookAnd to get everything kicked off right, I am set up Amazon to give away copies of the Kindle edition of my book this weekend only! This book is all about building miniatures, including converting and tips on sculpting.

From September 29th through October 1st, you can grab a free copy on Amazon (I hope it works for all countries!). The only thing I ask is you read it, put it to use for your Dreadtober entry, and give it a review on Amazon.

Let’s Get Started!

So head on over to and sign up, and this weekend make sure to grab a copy of the book. I will be jumping where I can and resharing as many posts on the social networks as I am able to keep up with.