Blood Bowl Teams

I have really been getting into the hobby side of Blood Bowl since it has been re-released. I have a goal of painting each of the Blood Bowl Teams along with some of their special players. The hope is to have it become a part of our board game nights in the house, with multiple teams to choose from.

Painting and Showcase of Blood Bowl Teams

Orc Blood Bowl Team – The Mighty Squigs

The Mighty Squigs Orc Blood Bowl Team

The Mighty Squigs were the first of the Blood Bowl Teams that I finished. They are pretty much straight out of the box, but I painted each half with rotated colors. The purple and orange scheme can be very striking on the field.

Dwarf Team – TBD Name

I will add a post and picture once they are done

Blood Bowl Painting Tutorials

Tutorial on How to Paint Yellow with layers, wash, and one coat paints

I used a Dwarf player in my tutorial on painting yellow.

Painting the Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

For the rest of the colors, I listed them out in post on painting the Dwarf Players.

How to Base Blood Bowl Players

The tutorial for how I am doing the bases on the players is actually a guest post over on Stepping Between Games.