Photography Tutorials for Miniature Wargammers

You’ve spent all this time to build and paint your mini, but if you want the rest of the online community to see your great work, don’t use the excuse of a poor camera anymore. Instead, check out these tutorials on photography for miniatures and show your work in the best possible light.

Tutorials on Photographing Miniatures

While I don’t have many tutorials on photography for miniatures yet, it is something that is on my short list to work on. In the meantime, I hope the tutorials on post processing help and check out the further reading at the bottom for posts by other hobby bloggers.

Basic Photo Editing using GIMP - Header

Even if you have a lightbox, a great camera, and perfect lighting, doing a bit of post processing can help highlight the best of your miniature. Here I show how to do basic photo editing using the free tool GIMP.

To take it to the next level, I even recorded a video showing how I use GIMP to do more advanced photo editing.

Review of the Foldio 2 Photobox

In terms of light boxes, the Foldio 2 is super handy for photographing miniatures. It folds down flat, includes a super bright LED light, and multiple backgrounds to take pictures of your minis.

Tutorials for Miniature Photography

For even more reading, check out this post that includes a ton of tutorials on miniature photography from around the web.