Tutorials – Building, Painting, Photography, and Blogging

Artist. Hobbyist. Modeler. Kitbasher. Creative. Beginner. Pro. No matter what you call yourself, in this hobby of building and painting miniatures, there are so many ways to explore the hobby and the art. Over the years, I have attempted to give back to the community with tutorials from my learnings.

Broken Paintbrush Tutorials

But I am no expert. I have never won a Golden Deamon or Crystal Brush. But I have become happy with my painting skills and know what works in my style, and where I have room to grow. Below you will find a selection of tutorials I have put together over the years on four main topics: building, painting, photographing, and hobby blogging.

If you are just getting started, check out the Improving Your Hobby Skills Series first as it has a ton of information to get you started and guidance on where to take it from there.

How to Improve Your Hobby Skills Series

In this multi-part series, I give an overview of each of the significant aspects of our hobby: building, painting, and showcasing and how to improve in each area. There is also a downloadable eBook of the series to take with you and share with a friend.

This is an excellent series for beginners and experienced painters alike as there are a ton of tips, from simple getting-to-know-the-hobby to tips that I have used to improve my skills.

Building Tutorials with Conversions, Sculpting, and Kit Bashing

Whether it is tips for getting models off the sprue to how to sculpt or kitbash, here are my tutorials on building miniatures. At the end of the page, I included further reading to other hobby blogs with even more tutorials on building miniatures.

Painting Tutorials and Guides

With guides on painting specific models like my Death Skulls and Behemoths, to more general tutorials on painting black, freehand, and weathering. Go ahead and dig into the painting tutorials and find something new to try. And don’t forget that I have a huge list of tutorials at the end of the page from other great hobbyists.

Tutorials on Photographing Miniatures

Once you have built an awesome model and painted it to the best of your ability, you may want to take pictures of it to share with the rest of the online hobby community. But if you want to show off the model at its best, it is helpful to learn how to take pictures of miniatures.

Tutorials for Hobby Blogging For Miniature Wargammers

Here you won’t find 100 tips to make millions from your blog or the next hack to attract a billion Instagram followers. Instead, you will find articles to help improve your hobby blog written by fellow hobby bloggers.

More to Come

I have a huge backlog of tutorials that I want to write and new projects every month that inspire brand new tutorial posts. While I will try to keep these pages up to date, the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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