Orks: Death Skulls

I’ve always had a little soft spot for the characterful and comical Orks in space. Starting with the Assault on Black Reach set I’ve slowly been growing my own Waaggh! and Deff Mob. Below you will find image links to full posts on each of the models in my Death Skull Army.

HQ – Da Bosses

Death Skull Warboss Banner

This is the Warboss from the Assualt on Black Reach set with a bit of work to open up his pose.

Orrk Megaboss 40k Style Face

A new boss is fighting his way to lead the clan. Bassed off the Orruk Megaboss, this is going to be one mean bastard.

God of War

Work in Progress Stompa and Inq28

Still a work in progress, but the Stompa is coming along.

Heavy Support – the Big Dakka

Showcase of Deathskull Morkanaut

The biggest model I have completed for sure, the Morkanaut is a beast but a lot of fun to build and paint. This post also includes a painting guide for him.

Death Skulls Deffdread

One mean Ork stuffed in this Deffdread.

Death Skull Killakans

This are fantastic kits and I’m glad the Killa Kan was one of White Dwarf’s Miniature Hall of Fame. They are super easy to paint as well.

Painting Death Skull Killa Kans and Showcase

The second squad of Killa Kans ready to take a few shells for the Waaggh!

Transports – Get the Boyz to the Fightin’

Death Skull Ork Trukk


Fast Attack – Fast Head Krunchin’

Deff Skull Ork Deffkopta


For painting tutorials for my Ork Death Skull Army, check out the following posts:

Painting Death Skull Warboss

I show how I painted the Death Skull Warboss from Assualt on Black Reach.

Here I show how I painted the Ork Trukks quickly and colorfully.

How to Weather Wheels and Tires

Here I show how I painted and weathered the wheels of the Ork Trukk.