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How to Paint an Ork Trukk

So after painting up my Killa Kans, Deffdread, and two trucks – I’ve put together my process on how I how to paint an Ork Trukk. My goal for painting the ork vehicles was to be quick, rusty, and characterful. To make it quick I used lots of dry brushing, and very little highlighting. They clearly won’t win any painting awards, but I like how they turned out and I was able to finish them quickly. The rusty metal look was from combinations of brown and orange beneath the metal dry brush and the characterful-ness is the various colored panels that make it orky.

Step 1: Brown Spray Paint.

As you can see in the photo below I left out the driver, gunner, and wrecking ball assembly. The wheels were also left of and painted separately. The model was primed with black primer to give a nice dark shadow. After drying I then hit the top side with an over-spray of white to just lighten it up a bit. The whole model was then given a nice coverage of basic brown spray paint. I wasn’t too concerned with the exact color since it would be so far down in the layers, so any medium brown spray would work.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 1

Step 2: The Rusty Orange.

So here is the first messy part! Using a combination of Ryza Rust, Troll Slayer orange and rust pigments I made a real, rusty, mess of things. I used a old dry brush and really tried to hit the areas that would be extra rusty, such as the leaf springs, floor boards, and exhaust stack. Other areas only received a splotch around rivets, cracks, or panel lines. The idea is to still let some of the brown show through as older, weathered rust.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 2

Step 3: Metal Dry-brush.

Here is where I took my large dry brush and Runefang Steel and dry brushed the whole model. Using the big brush not only helped paint the model faster, but purposely didn’t let me paint the cracks and crevices that a smaller brush would have allowed. I use Runefang since I will be adding washes and I want the model to be a bit brighter than using Leadbeltcher.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 3

Step 4: Fill in Colors.

here is where I will take the base coat of the various color panels and block them in. Evil Sunz Scarlet for the red, Macragge for the blue, and Averland Sunset for the yellow. The checkered areas where also painted white and the cloth wrapping with Ushabti Bone.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 4

Step 5: The Almighty Wash.

Taking a big brush and Vallejo Dark Brown Wash, everything received some love. While most of my paints are GW, I found the Vallejo washes to be much more economical and excellent alternatives to my much used Earthshade. Everything from my Orks to my Iron Warriors receive a dark brown wash.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 6

Step 6: The Crew Base-coat.

Meanwhile, the crew is also receiving their base coat. While I hit the metal areas with the same rust and metal dry brush, it was clearly not to the same level, but I figured that the details of the orks themselves would overshadow that.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 7

Step 7: Crew Receives Its Wash.

Here you can see both trukk crews getting their wash. I painted both trukks at the same time to make it quicker.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 8

Step 8: Crew Details.

I then did all the layers on the crew, tires, and wrecking ball. The metal areas received an edge of Runefang, the green skin was highlighted with Warboss then Moot Green. The cloth areas were re-highlighted with Ushabti Bone, and the black leather with Warpfield gray.

How to Paint an Ork Truck Step 9

Final Look: Detail All the Things!

Likewise to the crew above, the rest of the model received highlights. Metal edges were re-dry brushed, red highlighted with Wild Rider, yellow with Flash Gitz, and blue with Teclis. The checkers were also filled in with black, then cleaned up with white. Finally all the crew and wheel pieces were added back in with super glue.

How to Paint Ork Trukk Final Step

The final piece has that nice rusty, but characterful look I was after, but with relatively few steps, and minimal highlighting/layering – which is what is killing my on my Mentor Legion.

I hope this step-by-step was helpful to you in one way or another, and if so, please leave me a comment below or hit one of the share buttons, I greatly appreciate it!