How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills

How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills Book

Want to learn how to build plastic miniatures? Or learn some advanced techniques to improve your kitbashing, conversion, and get started in sculpting? Then the first full-length book in the Beginner to Happy Series: How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills is for you.

I have built hundred of minis over the years and put together some tutorials on this site. After being asked by many readers for more in-depth help, I have been working on a series of books. Each will go much deeper than any post could and organized so that it assist you on your path from Beginner to Happy.

What’s in the Book

In this 104 page book, I broke it down into three main parts:

  1. The most basic skills, including helping the absolute beginner build your first miniature, a list of tools, safety, and glue
  2. A deeper dive into how to build your miniature, including prepping each piece, simple conversion, and re-posing, filling gaps, and building a base
  3. Advanced techniques, including composition theory, converting, bit bashing, and basic sculpting

Preview the Kindle Book Live

Thanks to the power of Amazon, you can preview what the book looks like on Kindle right here. The same exact content is published on all the platforms, including the paperback version for those who love the smell of paper.

Buy a Copy

Thanks to a couple of online tools, I have been able to get the book published in a number of different platforms. My hope is that one will match your preferred reading style or device. At this time, the paperback is only available at Amazon, but should eventually be on other bookstores.

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While I have done my best to check each store is providing the correct information and provides a good user experience, let me know if there are any problems.


Did you know that I donate part of the proceeds of every book? Be a part of something bigger. See more on the Giving page.

Still Not Sure?

If you want want to improve your hobby skills, but not sure about buying the book, why not check out my free book. Covering the basics in short, quick examples, the free PDF will help you with building, painting, and photographing your miniatures.

Add your email below to get the copy. And when you are ready for more, come on back and pick up the full book on building better miniatures.