Space Marines: Mentor Legion

When it can time to pick a Space Marine chapter to build and paint, I was intrigued by the Mentor Legion from both a painting and background perspective. At the time I was looking for an army that included white in the armor, mostly for the challenge (and I sometimes regret that choice!) and the green/white sections of the Mentors looked great. Also, the Mentor’s dedication to teaching and learning resonated with my personality so they became a great fit.

Below you will find a list of my completed Mentor Legion projects and how-to articles associated with them.


Mentor Legion Company Command Banner

Company Command Squad for the Mentor Legion including the Master of the Watch, Captain Ryn.

Mentor Legion Librarian Banner

Brother Echst Ralelerin, the librarian assigned to the Mentor Legion Second Company.

Mentor Legion Librarius Squad

I then went and converted three more librarians for fun to create a Librarius.

Mentor Legion Chaplain

Brother Oldss Knirror keeps the faith in line with Imperial Doctrine as the Mentor Legion’s Second Company Chaplain.


The troops of the second company are primarily filled with strong units of Tactical Space Marines. Currently, the second and third tactical squads are available.

Mentor Legion Tactical Squad

Mentor Legion Tactical Squad

Captain Ryn has also requisitioned a squad of scouts from the tenth company to provide cover file and in-field training for the next generation.

Mentor Legion Scout Squad

Mentor Legion Scout Squad Banner

Dedicated Transport

The second company is famed for their drop pod assaults and often the entire company is deployed in this manner.

Mentor Legion Drop Pods

Fast Attack

Providing cover for the inbound drop pods, as Stormtalon hunts down anti-air batteries and other aircraft in the war zone.

Mentor Legion Stormtalon

Heavy Support

As the Mentors are often testing new technologies found by the AdMech, the 9th Company has issued a squad of devastator centurions armed with Grav Cannons to Captain Ryn.

Mentor Legion Devastator Centurions



Dreadnoughts are cool models but can be a bit static. I converted both of my Ironclads to be a bit more dynamic.

Mentor Legion Ironclad Dreadnought

The second dreadnought was made from the Blood Angles Furioso Dreadnought and converted from Dreadtober 2016.

Joe B Mentor Legion Dreadnought