Improve Your Hobby Skills

No matter if you are a beginner in our hobby, or have been painting for years, there are lots to learn and many ways to improve your skills. Below, I have put together some of my tips to improve your hobby skills in building, painting, and showcasing your miniatures.

How to Improve Your Hobby Skills Series

In each of these articles, there is a ton to read and it might be overwhelming if you are just getting started. So my recommendation is this: pick an idea or two to focus on for your next project. We all started somewhere and improved as we went.

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How to Improve Your Building Skills

How to improve your hobby build skills

All of our miniatures start with random-looking bits on a sprue. Even if you build to the directions or kit-bash a new creation, there are a ton of things to work on. Getting the right tools to remove and clean the bits, choosing the right glue to hold it together, and re-posing the figure are just the start. So if you want to improve your building skills, check out this tutorial.

How to Improve Your Painting Skills

Tips to improve your painting skills

This post is a doozy as there is a TON of things to learn with painting and I only scratch the surface here. But if you are looking to improve your painting skills, this is a great place to start. From learning tips on priming to color theory with tips on brush care in the middle, everyone could find something to improve.

How to Improve Your Showcasing Skills

How to Improve Your Hobby Skills Through Showcasing

Learning how to show off your model can directly improve your hobby skills, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. But once you start posting pictures of your miniatures for others to see, you will not only get great feedback from the community but also want to push yourself to create even better miniatures. So check out this tips on improving your showcasing skills to learn about photography, social media, and blogging.

Bonus: How to Improve Your Sculpting Skills

The talented Mr. Pink of Modern Synthesis was kind enough to create two posts on how to improve your sculpting skills.

Improving Your Sculpting Skills with Mr. Pink

In Part I, he focuses on the tools and putty choice for sculpting miniatures. From ta discussion on the different sculpting tools like the silicon shaper and elevator, to his tip on mixing green stuff and Apoxie Sculpt, he put together great tips for when you want to create something new.

How to Improve Your Sculpting Skills by Mr. Pink

In Part II he switches over to discussing tips and tricks to improve your sculpting. Focusing more on techniques (like do one layer at a time) to emphasizing the importance of lubricant. I know his tips will save me a bunch of frustration next time I do a sculpting project.