As anyone who has been following Broken Paintbrush for any amount of time will know, I am a huge advocate of building a welcoming and encouraging community for fellow hobbyists. I love painting miniatures and I love being part of humans who help each other grow as artists and creatives.

I also love being able to help those who are in great need.

Broken Paintbrush was never intended to make me rich or even become a full-time income. But I do make some money from affiliate sales and now book sales. This extra income is nice for that fancy dinner now and then, but what I’m really excited about is being able to put it to use helping others.

That is why I have pledged that 25% of all income from Broken Paintbrush will be going to charities.

This isn’t a boast or way to make me look cool, but a pledge that when you support my work on Broken Paintbrush, you are also taking part in helping children around the world.

Giving to Make a Wish

Having two sons myself, want to do everything I can to provide for them, to make them happy, and set them up for an amazing life.

But not every parent is so lucky.  At this time, the charity of choice is

That is why, at this time, the charity of choice is Make a Wish Foundation who’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of children with terminal illnesses. The charity teams up with volunteers and even whole communities to create the best ever for these children that they hold on to for the few days they have left.

So when you buy a Broken Paintbrush book or click through one of my Amazon links, know that you are also giving to help children around the world have one of the best days of their lives.