Painting Mansions of Madness Miniatures

If you haven’t played Mansions of Madness from Fantasy Flight Games, you are missing out on a grand adventure. Especially with the release of their 2nd Edition, the game is a fantastic combination of RPG, dungeon crawler, and Clue. Plus, it comes with a huge pile of miniatures to paint.

Painting Mansions of Madness Miniatures

While I wouldn’t recommend buying the game for the miniatures (they are pretty bad sculpts and molds) after painting them, they provide an excellent narrative for the game. All the miniatures below are from the 1st Edition game, which is also the Reoccurring Nightmares expansion for 2nd Edition.

Painting the Monsters from Mansions of Madness

Painting Guide for the Chthonians from Mansions of Madness

It was fun to paint the Chthonians’ tentacles with bright colors, but giving them a ‘natural’ look with the spots.

Painting Tutorial for Mansions of Madness Cultists

So many Cultists. It wouldn’t be a Cthulu game without a ton of Cultists. I tried to break them up a bit with different skin tones and opposite color robes.

Painting Guide for the Witches from Mansions of Madness

I think I have played with the witches twice, but they were awful for low sanity players.

Painting Tutorial for the Maniacs

Clearly, I had fun with the blood effects on these guys. Nothing award winning, but it gets the point across.

Painting guide for the Mi-Go from Mansions of Madness

More colors on the Mi-Gos and a bit less of the blood effect.

Primed and painted hound of Tindalos

For the Hounds of Tindalos, I experimented with a lava texture that I think worked well, that and the bright blue tongue to contrast.

Tutorial on how to paint zombies from Mansion of Madness

Surprisingly only four zombies with the 1st Edition, 2nd makes up for it with another six of the monsters.

Painting The Investigators

I have each of the investigators a bit more attention as they are the heroes and would be played with a lot more.

How to Paint Joe Diamond from Mansions of Madness

The standard gunslinger with a red cape, Joe Diamond is a great fighter character.

Harvey Walters from Mansions of Madness

Old man Harvey Walters was surprisingly a tank in 1st edition thanks to his wound reducing cane. He is still an excellent problem-solving hero.

Painting Guide Kate Winthrop

Kate Winthrop is another of the problem-solving characters who is also great and moving monsters away from her.

Painting tutorial for Ashcan Pete

Ashcan Pete and his trusty dog is a good all-arounder. It was fun painting him to look a bit more worn around the edges.

How to Paint Jenny Barnes

Jenny Barnes is the tough girl. The bright blue dress was fun to paint compared to her pale skin.