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Painting Joe Diamond a Mansions of Madness Tutorial

Mansions of Madness provides a great mix characters to investigate the mysteries. Some are the intellectuals to solve riddles, and others are like Joe Diamond. A classic Noir PI, he has his duster flapping and pistols ready.

How to Paint Joe Diamond from Mansions of Madness

Unlike Noir, I wanted Joe to have some color – makes the game more fun in a way. So a red duster, yellow tie, and bright white hat and shirt fit the bill. All the paints used were from the Vallejo range. You can grab all the colors with either the Game Color Set or the Skintones Set.

Shirt, Shoes, Hat

  • Game Color Wolf Grey
  • Game Color Sombre Grey
  • Game Color Dead White

Jacket, Pants

  • Game Color Charred Brown
  • Game Color Beastly Brown


  • Model Color Scarlett Red
  • Game Color Tan
  • Game Color Khaki
  • Game Color Red Wash

Tie, Hatband

  • Game Color Gold Yellow
  • Game Color Sun Yellow


  • Model Color Mahogany Brown
  • Game Color Parasite Brown
  • Game Color Brown Rose
  • Model Color Dark Brown Wash

Base Coats

The first step was to paint all the base colors throughout the model. This helps to block out where each color will go and make sure I have everything balanced.

Painting Tutorial for Joe Diamond

First I must apologize as most of the pictures from the actual base coat step were lost in a digital mixup. So the pictures above have the white and skin already done. For the skin, he followed the steps in my Painting Dark Skin tutorial.

Starting with the inside and working out:

  • Skin: Mahogany Brown
  • Shirt, hat, shoes: Wolf Gray
  • Jacket and Pants: Charred Brown
  • Duster: Scarlett Red
  • Tie: Gold Yellow

Shirt and Tie

As noted above, I lost a few pictures on Joe Diamond here, so I had already finished the skin here as well as missing a few in between steps. But the hat and shirt were painted first since they were on the inside.

Painting the shirt and tie of Joe Diamond

I used Sombre Grey to carefully wash the recesses of the shirt and hat. It provides a nice shadow without being as harsh as black. I then went back and highlighted with Dead White.

The tie and hat band were done in a similar manner.

Red Cape

As Joe’s red duster is the main thing you see, it was the area I wanted to focus on. To this extent, I went with an extreme highlight followed by a glaze.

Mansions of Madness Joe Diamond

The base coat of Scarlett Red provided a rich base color. This was followed by highlights of Tan and then Khaki. By themselves, they look really rough against the red – very stark. That’s ok as I then went back and provided a couple of layers of Red Wash (using it as a glaze here though).

The brown in the highlights provided a great base for the glaze to hang on to while providing nice highlighting.

Joe Diamond Showcase

After a few more details like painting his pistols GunMetal and a highlight to the pants with Beastly Brown he was finished.

Mansions of Madness Joe Diamond painted

All finished up and ready to protect his fellow investigators and take out a few cultists along the way.