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Guest Post Status – Six Weeks In

About two months ago I put a call out for guest writers on Broken Paintbrush. I wanted to add some diversity of thought to the site, new perspectives on the hobby, and give others a chance to write.

Status 6 Weeks into having Guest Authors

We are now six weeks in and I wanted to share the guest post status and do another call out for anyone interested.

To date, I’ve had four guest writers and five posts (Thor has gone twice already!).  I’ve received emails and ideas from five more writers who I hope to post soon as well. My hope is that after showing you what other guest writers have done, it will get you to think about writing as well!

Thor Talks about Blogging

How to Write an Effectivev Article Title

The first guest I had, and now twice, is Thor from Creative Twilight. He started a series where he will discuss how to improve our blogs, tailored specifically to us hobbyists. His second post dived into the importance of writing a strong title for your article.

While Thor has his own awesome blog, he decided to write on Broken Paintbrush to talk about blogging – a subject that was a little off-topic on his main site. As I have talked about hobby blogging before, he thought it would be a great addition to add here.

Sean Shares Oldhammer

Oldhammer teaser

My second guest author was Sean from Wargaming Corner where he shared with us why he enjoys the sub-genre of Oldhammer. This post was really well received, I think because so many people have nostalgic feeling towards the ‘good old days.’

Sean decided to guest post on Broken Paintbrush to help spread the word about Oldhammer and reach a different audience than his blog normally reaches. A cool win-win!

Andrew’s Light Up Tanks

Adding LEDs to 40k Tanks

While previously written on his blog, Andrew shared how he uses LED lighting on his tanks. It was a fun post for me to re-share as I’ve been toying with the idea for years. And Andrew made it seem so simple!

This was a great example of re-posting, taking his original post and refreshing/editing it before posting it here. Andrew had felt that his blog had been neglected and that this tutorial should have new life breathed into it. While I don’t want to do this method often, it is a great way to unearth some of your old posts.

Interview with Adam Jones

Adam Jones and the Golden D6

The last guest post was an interview with Adam Jones of the Golden D6. Adam is a busy man trying to build his media empire. So rather than have him write out a whole post, we did it as an email interview.

For my readers, I hoped this interview was enlightening on what goes on behind a hobby magazine ‘company’ and for Adam, it was a nice piece of exposure to potentially new readers. I’m not into promotions for promotion sake, but Adam is constantly giving back to the hobby community and the interview helped show that.

You Could Be Next

If you want to write for Broken Paintbrush, even if it is just one post, let me know! I put together a rough guideline on guest writing if you want to check it out. Or just sign up in the form below to get more info or shoot me an email at I would love to have you add your voice.