Tyranids: Hive Fleet Behemoth

What started out as just helping my brother-in-law paint up his Tyranid army, sparked an interest for the crazy beasts. After the hard edges of the Iron Warriors, and the clean look of the Mentor Legion, the organic textures of the Tyranids has created a nice balance. The colors of Hive Fleet Behemoth are also fairly easy to paint as red and blue are forgiving colors.

Tyranid HQ

Tyranid Hive Tyrant of Hive Fleet Behemoth Banner

This is the old, metal Hive Tyrant and he is a beast to hold while painting.

Tyranid Broodlord of Hive Fleet Behemoth

The Broodlord was from the Shield of Baal box and one of my favorite models of the army with his size and character. There is also a painting tutorial for him as Hive Fleet Behemoth here.


Everyone needs a huge mass of warriors and gaunts for their Tyranid armies right? I’ve only posted a few of the gaunt squads as they are somewhat boring to look at on their own.

Tyranid Warrior BroodTyranid Warriors Banner

Termigant Brood with spine fists

Tyranid Hormaguants

Tyranid Rippers

Oh and a few rippers just because!


There is also a whole heap of Genestealers that I haven’t posted at all!

Heavy Support

Tyranid Carnifex

The Carnifex is an awesome model considering how old the plastic kit is. Even though they are large models, I find they are quick to paint.


The second Carnifex was also from the Baal box; now there is a small brood of them. This Carnifex was also featured in a painting tutorial for Hive Fleet Behemoth. I then created a second tutorial for his base, including the water effects.


This is the older Finecast Zoanthrope, and I don’t know how many times I glued it the tail and base back together.

Hive Fleet Behemoth Painting Tutorials

Tyranid Broodlord of Hive Fleet Behemoth

I linked to them above, but I wanted to organize all the painting tutorials in one spot as well. Here is the tutorial on painting the Broodlord. Being a Genestealer, there is a lot more red in his tutorial than other models.

Paint a carnifex banner

Which is why there is another tutorial for the Carnifex. Here, you can find more info on the blue striped carapace plates and the black weapons.

Painting a Large Base Finished

There is a separate tutorial on creating and painting the large base I used for the Carnifex.