Iron Warriors Showcase and Tutorials

The Iron Warriors were my first 40k army when I started collecting in 3rd Edition. I had picked them mostly because the Chaos Space Marine Codex had a painting guide for them that looked really easy. Over the years my style has changed a bit and I’ve started adding more colors such as the green power weapons and purple demon skin.

I present you with the 14th Grand Company of the Iron Warriors


Iron Warriors Warpsmith

This was my first Finecast model and I actually thought it had potential. The Warpsmith is an awesome addition to the Iron Warriors army.

Iron Warriors Captain

In 5th Edition, this guy was a beast. I would lead a squad of Terminators out of my Land Raider and decimate squads. Now Captain Nestryx just wants a nice hug.

Fabius Bile

A classic from the old days of metal minis, this Fabius Bile has gone through a couple of paint layers. I also created a painting guide for him, helpful for the dirty white armor and fleshy cloak.

Iron Warriors Sorcerer

One of my earliest conversions, this Sorcerer has also gone through a few paint iterations, this time with a bit less jarring colors.

Iron Warriors Elites

Iron Warriors Helbrute

While I think the idea of renaming the Dreadnoughts to Helbrutes was odd, I like that they created some separation between the two factions, Chaos Marines aren’t just regular Marines with spiky bits.

Iron Warrior Chosen

My Iron Warriors Chosen squad was an act of creativity rather than gameplay. I wanted a squad that felt like the Iron Circle but for a lesser Warmaster.

Iron Warrior Terminator Squad

I have about 20 Chaos Terminators with a mix of the old metal minis and the much nicer plastic variety.


The mainstay of the army is multiple squads of Chaos Space Marines with double assault weapons. In a way, an odd choice for Iron Warriors, but I liked to play aggressive with them, and the Rhinos helped them quickly get into position and take out key targets.

Iron Warriors Troop Squad





(some of the other squads haven’t been finished and photographed)

Fast Attack


This small squad of Raptors never really got a lot done, but I enjoyed converting the loyalist jump squad into Veterans of the Long War.

(bike squad)

I also have a decent sized bike squad that hasn’t been photographed yet either.

Heavy Support


It’s been so long that I’ve played, that I didn’t realize Land Raiders are now a joke. Oh well, I still love this tank as my Captain’s chariot.


The Defiler was one of the first unique kits for the Chaos Space Marines, and while it looks pretty goofy, the firepower was a nice addition.


What do you do if you have a ton of extra weapon bits and want more Obliterators? Attempt to sculpt some of your own of course!


At some point I really two more of these for the epic Line Breaker, but even with just one, the Vindicator was great in 5th as it took out groups of heavy units.


The classic Obliterator squad!


I actually won this box set of three Basilisks at a Games Workshop store and thought they would be a perfect addition to my Iron Warriors. In the end, I’ve only played a few games with any of them.

Iron Warriors Lords of War

Iron Warriors Banebade right

Another tank that was added to the army for the Rule of Cool (and a very big gun!), the Baneblade is an awesome kit and fits right into my Iron Warriors army.

Iron Warriors Painting Tutorials

How I paint Iron Warriors, Stage 6: The Base, Step 6: Chaos Black

When I painted my Chosen squad, I put together a multi-part painting tutorial on how I paint Iron Warriors.

Fabius Bile Banner

While not many people may want a painting tutorial for Fabius, his dirty white armor and flesh cloak may be helpful for others.