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Iron Warriors Rhino 2 Done

Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Done - FrontFinished the third and final (for now) Rhino for my Iron Warriors army (see the first and second here). This one I tried a few new things. The first is the scratched metal. I tried using an old, terrible brush and splayed the bristles to create parallel streaks. I don’t think they all work out well, but it is something to build off of.

Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Top

The second is the free-hand Chaos star on the top hatch. I took the design from one I found in the 4th edition Codex showing the dual rings and 3d shape. I don’t think I pulled it off how I wanted, but for a first attempt, I’m happy with it.Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Left

For this tank, I decided to put the stripes on the outer faces of the smoke stacks. Keeping it simple was needed to retain the tank from becoming too busy with the start, chain and skulls and havoc launcher.Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Right

And here is all three in their finished states (click for a bigger picture!).Three Iron Warriors Rhinos

I have a couple of random projects I want to do next (one currently in progress) before continuing the completion of my Iron Warriors or traitor guard. Stay tuned!