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My First Scupt: An Obliterator – WIP – and why I had Green Stuff

So I’ve developed this habit: when I try something new, I go all out and skip to the hard stuff. See my Mentor Legion post when I wanted to try painting white armor. See my WIP (kinda dead-in-progress right now) Scratch built Titan.

Well the newest thing I decided to ‘try out’ is sculpting. I’ve done some green stuff work to fill gaps and create some honor badges for my Iron Warrior Chosen, but I haven’t done any true sculpting.Well after scouring FTW, The Painting Corp, and Massive Voodoo for how to sculpt and digging through the Chaos Codex (all three editions), Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, and Iron Warrior for ideas I grabbed my tools and got to work. Below are some very rough WIP shots of the first Obliterator (eventually I will do three).

WIP Scupted Oblitorator - 1

Obviously, there is still plenty of work to do on the upper half, but eventually the robe will continue on his upper half, including a draping hood.

WIP Scupted Oblitorator - 2

The left arm (the one with the chain blade) is not attached so I can finish the cloak. Once the cloak is done and the arm is attached I’m planning on adding pre-heresy style shoulder guards.WIP Scupted Oblitorator - 3

The empty sockets on the chain army and gun will have more guitar wire coming out and attaching to the back (see the scaring on the lower back).

As to why I hate green stuff? It seems that there is a natural attraction to any tool I try to use to place additional green stuff to the figure. I’ve been using vaseline to keep the tools from sticking, but the green stuff still seems to prefer to stick to the tools than the model itself. I’ve resorted to using a small dot of super glue where I need more green stuff to attach and pressing a blob into it. Once the glue dries up a bit I am able to work the putty around a bit. I did have a small snafu when I got some super glue on my silicon clay shaper that hardened and damage part of the tip. Any one out there have a better way of attaching additional pieces of green stuff?

Any comments would be most welcome as this is my first sculpt ever and I have two more obilterators left to go.