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My First Sculpt Pt 2: An Obliterator – sculpt nearly finished

Got some more work done on my Obliterator sculpt. I filled in more of the front foot by adding pistons to each of the toes. I also added the upper robe and shoulder blades from the Fantasy Chaos Knights box.

WIP Sculpted Obliterator - 4

The ball on the end of the gun will shortly become an eye ball. Also need to add the wiring from the arms to the back.WIP Sculpted Obliterator - 5

I also photoshop’d the image to get an (rough) idea of what the coloring will look like. I’m not sure how I’m going to paint the flesh-metal but it will probably be a dark gray or purple, any ideas would be appreciated 😉WIP Sculpted Obliterator - 6 - Photoshop'd to add color