Tutorials for Building Wargamming Miniatures

Before the miniature is off the sprue, each of us is dreaming of what we could build with all those beautiful bits. Even if it is straight from the instruction or perhaps a brand new kit-bashed creation, learning how to build a miniature help get you there.

Building Tutorials with Conversions, Sculpting, and Kit Bashing

Below you will find a list of Broken Paintbrush tutorials related to building wargamming miniatures. From basic skills, tools, to sculpting and advanced kitbashing. At the bottom, you will find a further reading section for even more tutorials from other great hobby bloggers.

Improve Your Skills Series: Building

How to improve your hobby build skills

This is the first part in the How to Improve Your Hobby Skills series with a ton of tips on how to improve your building skills.

Sculpting Tools and Putty

Improving Your Sculpting Skills with Mr. Pink

Part I of Mr. Pink’s tips for improving your sculpting skills, focusing on the tools and putty options.

Sculpting Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Your Sculpting Skills by Mr. Pink

Part II of Mr. Pink’s conversation in sculpting with tips and tricks to improve your sculpting skills.

Building a Custom Miniature

Tutorial on building a custom model with bit bashing and scuplting

I wrote this tutorial as part of Dreadtober to help hobbyists get started on kitbashing or converting their miniatures.

Building A Custom Base

Build and Paint a Custom Base

Another tutorial from Dreadtober, I show how you can build a custom base for your miniature from spare bits and green stuff.

Building a Display Base

How to Build Scenic Display Pieces

Andy wrote this post to show how to build scenic display bases. These can look really cool for character bases of for display pieces. Better yet: your Armies of Parade board would look awesome with some of these techniques.