I never thought I would be a writer, in fact, if my high school English teachers could see me know they would laugh! But over the years of blogging, painting, and creating tutorials, I have learned a thing or two. And have now started to put them together in books.

Now, I know I have picked up a book or two from a blog I follow only to find out it is rehashed blog posts. Some didn’t even bother to remove requests for ‘comments below.’ And I’m not going to lie, some of each book is material from my posts. Maybe even a third of the book.

But each has been reorganized, edited, and formatted so make it one cohesive journey from Beginner to Happy. So if you like my tutorials and posts here, you will find a whole lot more helpful tips, tricks, and ideas in each of the books.

How to Improve Your Hobby Skills

How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills BookNot sure? Then check out the first book in the series, How to Improve Your Hobby Skills. It is absolutely free on all of the platforms.

This book provides a high-level overview of each of the main ways to improve your hobby: building, painting, and showcasing. And while it is pretty much the same thing as the series of posts here, it is still free and available on your favorite reading platform.

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How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills

How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills Book

Taking the first part of the Improve Your Hobby Skills journey, this book focuses on the build process and dives deep into each step.

While no longer free, this book is over 100 pages long and is aimed at helping you build better miniatures no matter if you are an absolute beginner, or want to learn how to convert.

How to Improve Your Hobby Building Skills

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How to Improve Your Hobby Painting Skills

This will be the next book in the series as I continue to dive deeper into each topic. Expect this book to help beginners learn the basic brush techniques and continue into more advanced topics like color theory, blending and free hand.