Guest Posting

Do you have a great post you would like shared on Broken Paintbrush? I am looking to add new authors to share with this growing community.

Guest Post on Broken Paintbrush

Why Guest Post?

So why would you want to guest post here? I put some common reasons to guest post below, so if you are wondering why you would even bother to write on somebody else’s blog (like mine), check them out and perhaps I can convince you to give it a try.

1. You don’t have a blog of your own

For those who don’t have your own blog, guest posting is the easiest way to try it out. You can skip trying to build a site and audience and just write something cool.

2. Want to reach a bigger audience

For new bloggers is can be hard to get noticed, even with the great communities we have in our hobby. One way to do this is guest posting here which can get other people to know you and want to see more of your work

3. Boost SEO

For those who are web needs, guest posting can help boost your site’s ranking in search engines. By providing a few links to your site in the article, Google gives your site credit.

4. Revive an old post

Do you have a killer tutorial, editorial, or literature that you wish got more attention? Either guest post it here or write a new article that links back to it to give it new life.

Ok, so what’s in it for Joe?

I want to be fully transparent with all my readers (including you reading this). So why do I want guest posts? In short, because I want to build Broken Paintbrush into an awesome site for hobby tutorials and inspiration. I can’t write content fast enough nor do I want them to be all about my work.

In it for the ad money? I tried using Google ads for a while and I think I made about $11. So for the cost of a case of beer my readers were pounded with yet more ads. Everybody but Google loses. So I gave it up and am happy for the decision. So no, I’m not in it for the ad money, click-bait garbage, or the Benjamins.

So while I won’t be able to pay you for guest posting here, I also won’t be making money directly, or indirectly from it.

Win Win

So to sum it up, if you decide to guest post on Broken Paintbrush you get increased exposure, an established platform to share something cool, and plugs to your own site. I win because it adds awesome new content to Broken Paintbrush and brings in new readers.

Also, the readers win because together we can provide great content without the distractions.

Writing Guidelines

As with all the best things in life, it’s much easier to set up guidelines up front. Because of the commitment to my readers, I want to make sure all the articles posted on Broken Paintbrush align with a basic set of standards. It’s pretty basic stuff that I’m pretty sure everybody would follow anyway, but they need to be spelled out somewhere.

  1. Add to the community. This is my number one rule and pretty much sums up the rest below, but add value to the hobby community.
  2. Content must be your work. Original content is preferred but you can repost a previously written post as well.
  3. Provide correct attribution to the original creator. This includes pictures, artwork, or text. If the attributed creator is another hobby blogger, a link to their site or original post should be included.
  4. Kept it clean. If you really need to drop an f-bomb, do it somewhere else. Topics that are derisive, controversial, or negative won’t be posted. I am open to opinion pieces but want them to be well thought out.
  5. Photographs should be clear. As our hobby is visual in nature, the posts should include pictures that are as clear as possible. If you need help editing pictures check out my tutorial.
  6. Don’t link bomb. Limits to your site to two. If the article links out to other sites, don’t be excessive and ensure they all work before providing them.

Join In

So you ready to add your article to Broken Paintbrush? Sign up in the box below and I will send you an email with instructions. It doesn’t matter if you have already written something you want to re-post here or want to write something completely new.

Sign up and let’s build this together.