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Close up of Ork Trukk Grill

Ork Death Skulls Trukk Number 1

With all those Ork Walkers mucking about, the Boyz needed some upgrades of their own to get them to the fray. Fortunately, I had two trucks (or Trukks) sitting in the closet of doom. While being a bit fiddly to assemble (I knocked the side panels off constantly!), I left the wheels, crew, and the wrecking ball separate to allow simpler painting. Following in the junkyard look of my walkers, I painted the trucks to look like they had just been cobbled together and covered in just enough blue paint to get them to the fighting. I mix of the dark Gothic rust mixed with the Ork comically bright colors. Among the blue panels, you can see segments of other Ork clans like the yellow Flash Gitz, red Speed Freaks, and checkered Goffs. Because there are so many great tidbits all over the truck, I felt the need to highlight them in different colors, patterns, and chipping. Take for instance the side panels here; you’ve got little dags bolted on the top, arrows and lighting …

Mentor Legion Drop Pods

So I intend to build out the whole second company’s troop squads with drop pods, and since I have two squads done, it is only fitting I finish two drop pods. When I built them I did it in three pieces: the bottom with the doors, the fins connected to the top engine, and the center comms/seats. This allowed the center section to attach to the fins and all drop into the base when I wanted, or to take apart to paint. This was also my first attempt at airbrushing and while it gave me a cleaner white blend, I feel like I spent a great deal of time applying masking tape and then peeling it off. The first is Triumph armed with the simple bolter. For the army badges I used the ones that came with the kit and just cut off the existing mold. Since these are issued to the second company, I needed some yellow somewhere so went for the badge/button on each restraint. The second drop pod is Exultant with the …

Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Done - Front

Iron Warriors Rhino 2 Done

Finished the third and final (for now) Rhino for my Iron Warriors army (see the first and second here). This one I tried a few new things. The first is the scratched metal. I tried using an old, terrible brush and splayed the bristles to create parallel streaks. I don’t think they all work out well, but it is something to build off of. The second is the free-hand Chaos star on the top hatch. I took the design from one I found in the 4th edition Codex showing the dual rings and 3d shape. I don’t think I pulled it off how I wanted, but for a first attempt, I’m happy with it. For this tank, I decided to put the stripes on the outer faces of the smoke stacks. Keeping it simple was needed to retain the tank from becoming too busy with the start, chain and skulls and havoc launcher. And here is all three in their finished states (click for a bigger picture!). I have a couple of random projects I …

Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Right Side

Iron Warriors Rhino #4 Done

This is my fourth Iron Warriors Rhino finished. Complete with plenty of chevrons and looking fittingly dirty. Finished up the details on Rhino #4 which mostly entailed the stripes and spotlight. After the last Rhino’s attempt at doing the strips freehand I decided to cheat a bit on this one and mask the black areas off with scotch tape. I started by taping all the area around where I wanted black so I could spray it. I then took some clear masking fluid and sponged it into the area. This way I could take an eraser to it and uncover the metal area underneath. I then sprayed it black, waited for it to dry and then covered it with scotch tape. After marking out each strip, I cut it apart with the handy knife and removed the tape where I wanted the yellow. After painting up the yellow, I removed the tape and washed the whole thing with a sepia wash. Once that was dry, I rubbed off the clear masking fluid to finish the worn effect. Overall I’m …

Iron Warriors Rhino #1 - back

Iron Warriors Rhino #3 Finished

Decided to finish each of the Rhinos one at a time, so here is the first. I credit Wienas for the idea o f hazard strips on the front panel, so thanks for that! I think they turned out ok. I made the mistake of deciding to paint the interior and although it turned out ok, the amount of work that went into something that may never been seen any way… not so sure.

Rhino of 14th Grand Company

Iron Warrior Rhinos – WIP

The ever faithful Rhinos! These are 3 of the 4 rhino transports currently possessed by the 14th Grand Company with the 4th being an ancient piece needing some fierce care before being shown to the public. All three are in various states of near-done. Mostly it is the various copulas that need to be finished and details added. Oh, and this one is now missing the roof, some how got left at the LFGS and never found, teaches me to not just seal it up and hide the inside. I made heavy use of the washes for all three tanks, perhaps too heavy. I wanted to give a worn, weathered look which is often hard for ‘silver’ areas as they don’t have paint chips. Instead they came off a bit blotchy and may need some touch ups… we’ll see. [amazonify]B0009JJZ2G[/amazonify]

Land Raider Pictures

The Land Raider was a blast to put together and paint, it has so many  great details inside and out. The lascannon sponsons are magnetized to the hull so I could take them off. I painted the inside of the vehicle before gluing the top section on: The side access doors were also magnetized to show off the inside. There was very little modifications to the actual model other than adding some Chaos spiky bits and replacing the lascannon tips with the dragon heads.