Finished Works
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Ork Death Skulls Trukk Number 1

With all those Ork Walkers mucking about, the Boyz needed some upgrades of their own to get them to the fray. Fortunately, I had two trucks (or Trukks) sitting in the closet of doom. While being a bit fiddly to assemble (I knocked the side panels off constantly!), I left the wheels, crew, and the wrecking ball separate to allow simpler painting.

Ork Truck right side

Following in the junkyard look of my walkers, I painted the trucks to look like they had just been cobbled together and covered in just enough blue paint to get them to the fighting. I mix of the dark Gothic rust mixed with the Ork comically bright colors.
40k Ork Trukk Front

Among the blue panels, you can see segments of other Ork clans like the yellow Flash Gitz, red Speed Freaks, and checkered Goffs.

Close up of Ork Trukk Grill

Because there are so many great tidbits all over the truck, I felt the need to highlight them in different colors, patterns, and chipping.

40k Ork Trukk left side

Take for instance the side panels here; you’ve got little dags bolted on the top, arrows and lighting decorations, and custom windows!

Ork Trukk left side closeup

Since the boys would be busy painting themselves up with the lucky blue, I figured they wouldn’t be too neat about it. So in the truck bed, I slobbered plenty of blue about the place.

40k Ork Truck Bed

Overall I am happy with how the truck turned out (other than that nice gap in the air intake below! gah!) and my Ork fever is ever growing. I even painted the big shotta’s bullets red to make them go faster 🙂

40k Ork Trukk top view

Make sure to check out the painting tutorial for the Trukks as well as the second Ork Trukk as well.