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Iron Warriors Rhino #4 Done

This is my fourth Iron Warriors Rhino finished. Complete with plenty of chevrons and looking fittingly dirty.

Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Left

Finished up the details on Rhino #4 which mostly entailed the stripes and spotlight. After the last Rhino’s attempt at doing the strips freehand I decided to cheat a bit on this one and mask the black areas off with scotch tape.Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Right

I started by taping all the area around where I wanted black so I could spray it. I then took some clear masking fluid and sponged it into the area. This way I could take an eraser to it and uncover the metal area underneath.

Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Right Side

I then sprayed it black, waited for it to dry and then covered it with scotch tape. After marking out each strip, I cut it apart with the handy knife and removed the tape where I wanted the yellow. After painting up the yellow, I removed the tape and washed the whole thing with a sepia wash. Once that was dry, I rubbed off the clear masking fluid to finish the worn effect.Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Top Side

Overall I’m happy with how the stripes turned out with this technique, which is good because it was very tedious.Iron Warriors Rhinos 3 & 4

And here are the two finished Rhinos together. Work has started on the last Rhino of this group and will hopefully have it done later this week.

You can see the other Rhinos completed:

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As always comments are welcome and appreciated!