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Second Sculpted Obliterator (3) – Finished

Just finished the second custom sculpted Obliterator. As you can see from the steps below and the previous posts, it really only uses four bits: a heavy flamer, mutant arm, spare head, and the terminator lord head crest for the sorcerer build. Everything else was custom sculpted with green and grey stuff.

Obliterator Scupted - Finished - Right

As compared to my first sculpted obliterator, this guy has a bunch more bulk built up around the wire frame which I did by adding blobs of green stuff until I liked the size. I used grey stuff for the robes and finer details as it holds up a bit better.

Obliterator Scupted - Finished - Front

The vent tubes were added by using plastic tubing to mimic Typhus and the dreadnoughts.

Obliterator Scupted - Finished - Left

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It has been a good step in learning how to sculpt, hopefully I will eventually be able to sculpt all the parts. Until then I have boxes full of bitzs to use.

I also put together a stage-by-stage picture, I think it is pretty inspiration for me, especially as I’m about to start the third, and last for now, obliterator.

Obliterator Scupted - Stages

click for larger picture

until next time…