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Second Sculpted Obliterator (2) – Painting has started

I was able to get some paint done on the second obliterator. It is amazing what a bit of primer can do for a sculpted piece…

Sculpted Obliterator 2 - Primed Black

Next up was the base coat. This was mostly to block out the colors and give a base coat to the follow up colors. Ugly at this stage is ok…

Sculpted Obliterator 2 - Base Coat

After a black wash to deepen the shadows I focussed on the flesh, both the daemonic as well as the human(ish). The skin was a mix of ice blue, space wolf gray, grave yard earth, and elf flesh. The blue was a mix of ice blue, space wolf gray and mordian blue. The blue was then highlighted with a mix of blue and mithril silver to blend it into the actual metal.

Sculpted Obliterator 2 - Flesh Painted

Sculpted Obliterator 2 - Flesh Painted BackNext up is the metal areas and then the robe. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.