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Chaos Sorcerer Done

Another step to finishing the Golden Throne challenge, my Chaos Sorcerer is not finished. I’m not completely happy with how he turned out but for now he is done, perhaps I’ll come back to him and touch him up.

Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

Tzeentch has always been my favorite of the Chaos powers so naturally I did this sorcerer in the colors of the master of change.  The challenge is to have him still fit in with the rest of my army. I’m not sure how well this comes off in the end though.

As with Fabius, I took step-by-step pictures:

Chaos Sorcerer - Stage1

Stage1: White robe: Graveyard Earth -> Codex Grey -> Skull White

I wasn’t sure what colors I was going to paint where so I “blocked” out the main colors to get an idea of how it would fit together.

Sorcerer - Stage 2

Stage 2: Mordian Blue, Shinning Gold, Mithril Silver, Hormaguant Purple

Sorcerer - Stage 3

Stage 3: Mordian Blue -> Ice Blue -> Space Wolves Grey, armour washed with purple

Chaos Sorcerer - Stage 4

Stage 4: Metallic washes: Devlan Mud then black

Chaos Sorcerer - Stage 5

Stage 5: Purple: Hormagaunt Purple -> Liche Purple -> Ice Blue, Red: Mechrite Red -> Blood Red -> Blazing Orange -> Golden Yellow

Chaos Sorcerer - Stage 6

Stage 6: Bone: Khemri Brown -> Bleached Bone -> Skull White

Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

Final Stage: Base: Graveyard Earth -> Bleached Bone

Next up is 3 squads of bikers for my fast attack. I’m hoping to do this much quicker than the models to date, the Golden Throne Challenge is half over and I have 2/3s of the models left to paint.