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Fabius Bile

Another classic model that I’ve had since third edition, Fabius Bile used to be a potentially amazing (or horrible) character – all his stats were D6 modified!

One of my goals for this Golden Throne challenge (other than actually paint all the force org slots) is to try some different painting techniques.  For my terminators and obliterators I focused on the faces and tusks. For Fabius I wanted to try white power armor and even more practice on his face and fleshy robe. I know he is painted with a dark purple armor in the codex but I figured that since Fabius used to be the chaplain of the Emperor’s Children the traditional white armor would be fitting as well. Other than the armor and darker robe I tried to follow how the original GW Fabius looks.

For both my own records and since I have been asked before how I paint different aspects of my army I also kept notes and took stage-by-stage pictures of Fabius.

Fabius Bile - Stage 1

Stage 1: white power armor: Graveyard earth -> Codex Gray -> skull white

I added a ‘handle’ by glueing the model to a large washer and taping a magnet to an old paint bolttle

Fabius Bile - Stage Two

Stage 2: Skin Cloak: Dark Flesh -> Vomit Brown -> Bleached Bone, Lev. Purple Wash. Face: Vomit Brown -> Bleached Bone, Ogren Fleash and Lev. Purple washes

Fabius Bile - Stage Three

Stage 3: Leather: Vermin Brown -> Snakebite Leather -> Bleached Bone

Fabius Bile - Stage Four

Stage 4: Metals: Mithril Silver and Shining Gold. Both washed with Develan Mud then Badab Black

Fabius Bile - Stage 5

Stage 5: Hair: Tausept Ochre -> Bleached Bone -> Skull White, Red Vials: Scab Red -> Blood Red -> Blazing Orange -> Sunburst Yellow, Green Vials: Orkshade Green -> Goblin Green -> Scorpion Green -> Sunburst Yellow

Fabius Bile Stage 5 Back

Stage 5 From the Back

Fabius Bile Final Stage

Final Stage: Blood: Dark Flesh -> Red Gore, Base: Graveyard Earth -> Bleached Bone

Next up is a Sorcerer to finish my HQ slots and I hope to be able to post a similar step-by-step for him.  Let me know what you guys think of how I did the steps and photos.