Finished Works, Iron Warriors
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I finished my Obliterators as well, which fills my heavy support slots for the Golden Throne painting challenge. Some of you old time players may recognize these classic sculpts by Dave Andrews, for those who didn’t play 3rd edition CSM behold the glory of old school Chaos:

That’s right, these guys are so awesome they have guns out of their eyes, mouth and chest! They are smaller than the current models (they used to be on the smaller bases) but how could I pass up repainting these guys and putting them on the battlefield?

One thing I did do with both of these and my terminators I just finished is a slightly different base colors. I had been doing grays for gravel for city besieging but it seemed to make the whole model more dull and blur with the silver. Instead I tried a more organic look with browner gravel and grass.

I used graveyard earth for the base and highlighted with bleached bone added to it.  The grass is a mixture of GW’s scorched grass and used tea (I cut open the pouches and let them dry out).  It may not be as fluffy as the city rubble look but I think it helps the overall presentation of the model. What do you guys think?