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More IW Terminators Finished – Golden Throne Painting and ToEMP Final

Well I was happy to continue plodding along my with my Traitor Guard army (I have a handful of guys to add and half a dozen tanks to paint) but when I happened to stop by my local GW I was told about the Golden Throne painting challenge. Basically you get 6 weeks to fully paint a full force org chart. Although I do have plenty of guard to paint the was no way I could fill up a force org without buying a great deal of new guys. Instead I pulled out my old, metal Iron Warriors (the ones I painted many years back). I had already dunked a handful of them and after adding in the ones I was planning on adding to the green tank I am short only one bike of a full chart! It wouldn’t be a very competitive list (not sure the survivability of 3 man terminators and 5 man troop squads), but it fits the bill.

The first selection filled, my Elites with three 3 man squads.

Squad 1 is armed with three combi-weapons for maximum flexibility. These are all the old metal terminators but still look very nice next to the new plastic ones. I think the longest part to paint were all the skulls and tusks, but I think they ended up looking ok.

Squad 2 has the first Reaper Autocannon (which is actually the plastic one) and another combi-weapon and two chain fists for ripping tanks open.

And squad three is a copy of squad two (but with the metal Reaper).  The ‘power fist’ on the right is one of the dreadnought close combat weapons I had added to the original guy and kept it on as a token of my previous work.

This project also completes the Final ToEMPs. Fallen73rd has decided that the time for ending the project is over and I fully understand, I know I have been neglectful to the group with updates and support so I makes sense to end it and start anew.

ToEMP points:

  • 1 pnt per foot troop: 9 pnts
  • 1 pnt for details: 9 pnts
  • Total for challenge 11: 18 points

Thanks again to Fallen73rd for starting the ToEMP and getting us all motivated to get things done. I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for his second ToEMP challenge and join in!

Next up are some old school obliterators that fill the heavy support slots followed by my HQ choices, it should be a action packed couple of weeks if I want to get everything done by March 16th!