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More IW Terminators Finished – Golden Throne Painting and ToEMP Final

Well I was happy to continue plodding along my with my Traitor Guard army (I have a handful of guys to add and half a dozen tanks to paint) but when I happened to stop by my local GW I was told about the Golden Throne painting challenge. Basically you get 6 weeks to fully paint a full force org chart. Although I do have plenty of guard to paint the was no way I could fill up a force org without buying a great deal of new guys. Instead I pulled out my old, metal Iron Warriors (the ones I painted many years back). I had already dunked a handful of them and after adding in the ones I was planning on adding to the green tank I am short only one bike of a full chart! It wouldn’t be a very competitive list (not sure the survivability of 3 man terminators and 5 man troop squads), but it fits the bill. The first selection filled, my Elites with three 3 man squads. Squad …

Another Tank Swells the Ranks – ToEMP #8 Done

I have just finished another tank to my growing horde of traitor guard. This one is the dreaded Leman Russ Demolisher with sponsoon plasma cannons. Indeed it is a pricy tank, but when it lets loose, it is sure worth it. Thanks to the Lumbering Behemoth rule it can move 6″ and still fire off the demolisher and a plasma cannon, ensuring the destruction of any squad unlucky enough to get in its way. The demolisher cannon is a kit bash using the Banehammer cannon that I didn’t use for my Baneblade. I had 4 Leman Russ kits, a built Leman Russ and an old built Leman Russ demolisher so I decided to build my own demolisher cannons to create two full squads of tanks, one of the traditional LR and another of demolishers (the other 4 tanks are built and painting has started so watch for them!) Every weapon on the tank is AP2, ensuring that anything that the tank hits will not get a armor save. I tried something different with the back …

Tau Battle Suit – ToEMP #7a Done

I finished my body guard for the Shas’O. This is my second, and probably last for a while, Tau battle suit. Armed with a plasma rifle, missile pod and shield generator this suit can either hunt tanks or MEQs at range, while sticking around for a bit. This model is half of my submission for ToEMP #7 which earns me: Large model: 2 pts Icons/Marks: 1 pnt Beating deadline: 2pnts Meating Deadline: 2pnts Total: 7 points! I am also finishing up the second entry for Challenge #7 and here is the sneak peak:

Missile Launcher Squad – ToEMP #4 Done

Well I was hoping to have finished both this squad as well as the mortar squad for the 4th ToEMP challenge, but alas, I got distracted yet again. The 4th challenge was 60 points of what ever we felt like, as long as we gave a reason why we chose what we did. I picked this squad (and wanted to finish the mortar squad) because they are the “last” troops I need to paint for my traitor guard.  And when I say last, we all know that means: “all I currently have at this time, until I get inspired to buy more plastic crack…” Any way onto the pictures: I want my traitor guard to be colorful, but not over the top with mutations and such (the Iron Warriors really don’t like that type of thing). For the fourth challenge I earn: Foot sloggers x6: 6 points Meeting deadline: 2 points Total Points: 8 Total to date: 69 Hmm I didn’t really push my self to much for this challenge did I? One of my …

Traitor Leman Russ Complete – ToEMP Challenge 2 Done

Pictures of my finished Leman Russ Battle Tank for my traitor guard. Although I was hoping to have had a head start on the second challenge for 73rd’s A Tale of Even More Painters with my sentinels, I came back from my work trip to find the challenge was to paint an elites choice, and if none were available then a heavy support could be painted instead. I had neither choice planned for the short term for my traitor guard and didn’t even have any models I could put together for it, but luckily I had one of my brothers old Leman Russ tanks in the back of my closet. With his permission I have relinquished the tank from those who worship the corpse and added it to my growing horde.