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Missile Launcher Squad – ToEMP #4 Done

Well I was hoping to have finished both this squad as well as the mortar squad for the 4th ToEMP challenge, but alas, I got distracted yet again. The 4th challenge was 60 points of what ever we felt like, as long as we gave a reason why we chose what we did. I picked this squad (and wanted to finish the mortar squad) because they are the “last” troops I need to paint for my traitor guard.  And when I say last, we all know that means: “all I currently have at this time, until I get inspired to buy more plastic crack…”

Any way onto the pictures:

Missile Launcher Heavy Weapon Squad

missile 1-leftmissile 1-rightI want my traitor guard to be colorful, but not over the top with mutations and such (the Iron Warriors really don’t like that type of thing).

For the fourth challenge I earn:

  • Foot sloggers x6: 6 points
  • Meeting deadline: 2 points

Total Points: 8

Total to date: 69

Hmm I didn’t really push my self to much for this challenge did I?

One of my many distracts for this last week will probably be part of the next challenge and I give a sneak peak here:

Bane Wolf