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Traitor Guard Veteran Squad Sarg Harker

Traitor Guard Veteran Squad

Next up in my picture re-take experience is my Traitor Guard Veteran Squad. I really wanted to make these guys stand out a bit from the standard traitors so I added a number of extra bits, conversions, and mutations to the group. The bits includes an array of parts from the Cadian and Catachan Imperial Guard kits, the ever wonderful Flagellant kit, and Chaos Marauders. I also used a good deal of Green Stuff to add mutations including a complete new arm to hold one of the Catachan blades. Some of the conversions were subtle, such as the extra tentacle on the first snipers trigger finger while others were a bit crazier, such as the eye-stalk head. Ever squad of note needs a fancy banner to guide them and encourage the troops. While not a real upgrade for veteran squads, it looks so darn cool I had to find a place for it somewhere. His sword army I actually think comes from the Zombie box, so now I’m up to 5 product lines. For the …

Company Command Squad

Traitor Guard Command Company

At the very twisted heart of the Traitor Guard is the Command Company. From here the villainous orders can be issued forth and enemy armies sundered. — lets get real here, the IG Command Company squad is an extremely fragile piece of work, they usually ride around in their Chimera issuing orders and avoiding getting shot, but they look darn cool doing it. To keep the ride moving, and because who doesn’t like AdMech we have Dark Mechanicus Tech Priest joining the team. Whats great about the Ad Mech guys is that they already look really sinister, so just adding a simple chaos star servo skull was all that was needed. I added some object source lighting on both his front facing lamp and the glowing energy source on his back. Another sinister looking model with very little work needed was this Inquisitor model turned company commander. In fact they only thing I did was remove the [==|==] from his chest. Clearly he isn’t a very good what-you-see model, as the IG can’t just upgrade …

Traitor Russ Demolisher Tank 3

Traitor Leman Russ Demolisher Squadron Finished

As I hinted in my last post, I have been working on clearing out my back log of unfinished projects. This may get a bit off with my new army, but I plan to continue working in many of these between tactical squads. I had the first Leman Russ Demolisher a long while back and the other two started, but have now completed all three. The lead tank is armed with side plasma cannons to really add some umph to an already scary tank. The second tank is a simple conversion by shortening a normal battle cannon and adding parts from a hunter-killer missile.     The third Leman Russ Demolisher is one I ‘rescued’ from my brother’s old army but was badly damaged. I fixed the broken off sponsons with banners. This is actually the only one with a ‘real’ demolisher cannon being the old metal monster.     The banner was made from tissues soaked in glue/water. It was then pressed on the model and tweaked a bit to add some movement. All …

Traitor Guard Tech Priest, Dark Mechanicus

Dark Mechanicus Tech Priest Joins the Traitor Legion

I’ve had this model sitting around for a while but had never quite finished it. So after finishing my Warpsmith I grabbed this Dark Mechanicus Tech Priest one off the shelve of never ending projects and put paint to brush. In contrast to the rest of the Traitor Guard orange, I used the iconic Mars Red robes but used green power weapon to match the Chosen and Warp Smith. Conversions were kept minimal on this model since I actually bought the model for how it looks, rather than its game play ability. With just the simple addition of the Chaos star mounted to the back pack, the rest was just paint – which goes to show how crazy the normal Mechanicus is. I tried to continue my experimentation of source lighting with the mystical green glow from the back packs power source.  Although it could have come off a bit Christmasy, I tried toned down the red with the tan highlights. The yellow cabling also helps to break up the green and red looks. The metal was a …

Traitor Guard Veteran

Traitor Guard Veteran Squad

These have been done for a while but it has taken a bit to put the pictures and this post together. In my crazy attempt to build a full foot guard army I built up a squad of Traitor Guard Veteran Squad to provide some anti-infantry support as well as additional color to the army.   I started with three snipers to increase chances of taking out special troopers. A heavy bolter gives a multi-shot, medium strength to the unit, and I topped it with Harker with a second heavy bolter. I liked the way Santa Cruz Warhammer  took before and after pictures of each model so I’m copying the idea here. First up is the Sargent, count as Harker. The torso is from the warriors of Chaos, the Heavy Bolter is from the CSM kit, with the remaining bits are from various guard kits. I wanted the dress robes on the legs to match up to something on the bear-chested torso so I added a over-the-shoulder sash/robe. Next up is the first sniper. I wanted to give the squad …

Chaos Conscripts WIP

Traitor Conscripts: The zombie slaves start to assemble

In between painting sessions, I’ve slowly been building up the legion of conscripts for Traitor Guard. Using a mix of Zombies, Flagellents,  Cadian troopers, and various bitz I’ve picked up along the way, the unit has started to come together. Current tally is 20/50 built. Why so many conscripts? Well it seems 6th edition has turned into a troopers game and there is no cheaper trooper than a pack of conscripts with “Send in the Next Wave!” For 270 points I can field 50 models, take them off at any point, and bring them back on the next turn! Combining the various kits has been a challenge of patience and creativity. The various bodies don’t line up with the different arms, and the heads are made for completely different sockets. This has led to green stuff magic to hide defects and tie pieces together as you can see in some of the individual shots below. I particularly like the second from the right above, he is my zombified Rambo. But you can see the small amounts of green stuff to tie …

Chaos Bastion WIP

Bastion Progress: Nearly There

I have made a bit more progress on the Chaos Bastion of the few weeks. I started to regret painting the brackets supporting the horizontal trims metal as they seemed to take forever, but I like how it turned out in the end. The gun emplacements are still separated but are already painted the metallic. Still left to do is the weathering and chaos stars similar to the Russes. The stars will be interesting as they will most likely cover multiple sides so it may be a bit of a change to balance the number and size of them. The defensive walls are also in progress and I actually used the spray gun to paint the red/orange on some. I will post them up soon with notes on the air brush.   [amazonify]B002G21PC2[/amazonify]

Chaos Bastion WIP - Front

New Models for 6th Edition

I’ve been pouring over the 6th edition rules the last couple of weeks now, and overall I’m excited for the changes. I especially like the idea of over-watch giving my pour renegade guardsmen some protection against assaults. All the minor changes are going to take some time I think to settle out their benefit/cost to the game. From a hobby standpoint and someone who isn’t into the competitive side, I like the idea of the new army structure including allies and structures. Will it get abused? of course, but so will any rule set put out. I’m working on more posts about my guard and Iron Warriors in 6th but as I was reading the rulebook I remembered I had this in the closet of doom (tm mordian 7th): I had bought one of these when they had come out thinking of actually playing a planet strike game with it (anyone actually plan that expansion?). After hours of scrapping off those blasted Aquillas and gluing the upper walls together wrong, I started painting the Bastion …

Leman Russ 3 - 14th Grand Company

Traitor Leman Russ

So with the long, holiday weekend I spent a bit of time finishing up the two Traitor Russ Battle Tanks. These are of course for the Traitor Guard aspect of the 14th Grand Company. Here is the finished Traitor Leman Russ #2. The main body is the faded orange/red streaks but added a couple of large Chaos stars that the Forge World models tend to have. I think it helps break up the large spaces well and add new interest. At first I was going to paint the lenses green to match my Iron Warriors but through it clashed a bit too much and decided on the blue instead. The cool blue offsets all the warm oranges and is more fitting with the cool silver. I also thought the cargo boxes looked a bit funny being empty so I painted up some bitz to add some details. This one has an extra gas can (for those torch wielding fanatics), an extra lasgun and a rusty shovel. You can also see the close up of the …

Traitor Leman Russ WIP - Sign of Chaos - right

Traitor Russ WIP (4) – Second Mark Completed

So the second Russ went a lot faster even though I did a bigger Chaos star. I also was more careful with not rubbing the masking medium and it paid off. In trying to keep the stars more free-form and chaotic I choose different centers and angles for each but kept the same size to give some coherency. Next up is some more detailing and the final weathering (dust/mud splatter) [amazonify]B002ICAXLY[/amazonify]

Lemun Russ WIP - Back Side w/ Markings

Traitor Russ WIP (3) – Slow and Steady

So I’m hoping that I’m starting to pick up the pace a bit now that I’m getting back into the painting but it still feels like I’m slogging along. Anyway, on to the new work: I spent this last week to add a chaos star to the tank to add some color and break up the large side. As I said in the last post the idea came from the amazing Dave Taylor’s work and tutorial. The base coat is Tausept Ocher, then adding Dheneb Stone and finally Skull White for the highlights. I wanted to set off the yellow from the red as the two colors somewhat blue together at the edges so I added a fine line of Necron Abyss. I wanted to add some wear to the markings but without having to go back and repainting it on so I tried using a masking medium that “paints” on and once dry allows you to paint over it, and when done just rub it off. It didn’t seem to work to well on this tank as …