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Dark Mechanicus Tech Priest Joins the Traitor Legion

I’ve had this model sitting around for a while but had never quite finished it. So after finishing my Warpsmith I grabbed this Dark Mechanicus Tech Priest one off the shelve of never ending projects and put paint to brush.

In contrast to the rest of the Traitor Guard orange, I used the iconic Mars Red robes but used green power weapon to match the Chosen and Warp Smith.

Traitor Guard Tech Priest

Conversions were kept minimal on this model since I actually bought the model for how it looks, rather than its game play ability. With just the simple addition of the Chaos star mounted to the back pack, the rest was just paint – which goes to show how crazy the normal Mechanicus is.

Traitor Guard Tech Priest, Dark Mechanicus

I tried to continue my experimentation of source lighting with the mystical green glow from the back packs power source.  Although it could have come off a bit Christmasy, I tried toned down the red with the tan highlights. The yellow cabling also helps to break up the green and red looks.

Traitor Guard Tech Priest, Dark Mechanicus

The metal was a set of layers of Mithril Silver, Devlan Earth, and re-highlighted. Along panel edges I added some black to increase the contrast.

It is only fitting that I have a few Tech Priests and Warpsmiths around to maintains my growing number of vehicles. Speaking of which, coming soon is a WIP of my Heldrake and the Bastion is almost finished.