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Warpsmith Review – and first finecast

Of all the new Chaos releases, the Warpsmith caught my eye as the most exciting to paint. I was a bit hesitant though, as this would be my first Finecast. I had heard of many issues with the new medium and wasn’t sure what I would find in the box.

Man am I glad I took the leap though, the details on this model are outstanding! While I had a few bent parts that were easy to fix with the hot water bath, there was nearly no air bubble issues. About the only issue I had was cleaning all the mold lines which did seem to crop up all over the place.

The model came in 12 pieces on two sprues with the largest piece being the leg/torso combo. This piece could make an impressive lord with a bit of work to clean up the back-pack area.

Warpsmith Torso

The rest of the pieces involve the 5 longer tentacles, the head, back sections, each arm/shoulder, and the ax hand. As you can see the ax was a bit bent but I was able to fix it with hot water. I also used the hot water to add a bit more bend to the various tentacles to pull them out of the two-dimensions of the mold.

Warpsmith Parts

As I was dry fitting the pieces together, I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint this model as one piece. So I cut off the nubs for the arms and glued the back pieces together with the arm pieces. This took a bit of the hot water bath as well since the arms needed a slight bend in them to fit the back unit. To do this, I soaked the arm in hot water, placed the back unit on the model, and quickly pressed and held the arm in place until it cooled. I then added super glue where the two pieces met, keeping it off the main torso. After taking the picture, I added some green stuff between the two parts to added a bit more rigidity and fix the few air pockets that I did find. The ax hand I pinned but did not glue together either since I needed to remove it before pulling off the back/arm unit.

Warpsmith in Pieces for Painting

By building the model this way, I am able to put it back together to see how parts align for paint, but am aslo able to pull it back a part to get into what would be impossible to reach nooks.

Warpsmith Pre-Painting Front

And the back

Warpsmith Pre-Painting Back

Over all I love the look of this model and all the life/animation it has and my first adventure into finecast was an exceptional one. The down side to this model is that, other than the torso, this model would be difficult to use for conversions as each piece overlaps with another.

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