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Iron Warriors Warpsmith

Another of my photo updates, this time, my Iron Warriors Warpsmith. I had posted an original review of the Finecast model here, as this was my first experience with the experiment by GW. When the Warpsmith was released, I loved the new look of the Chaos Space Marines and the demon engines – though they are a bit dino-ie.

Iron Warriors Warpsmith

One of the things I like about the Warpsmith is the motion and three dimensions the tentacles give the model. It is something that many of the older Techmarine models lacked due to the metal bits and old processes requiring the pieces be thicker and clunkier.

Iron Warriors Warpsmith left

Even the back of the model is full of cool little bits such as the different types of tubing and connections. You can just imagine this guy sitting is some crazy throne controlling his demon engine minions. It also gave me a spot to add some of the iconic yellow chevrons and even a bit of the purple demon flesh.

Iron Warriors Warpsmith back

The inner glow on the smoke stack and skulls was a similar effect done on some of the demon engine models in red, and I carried it through in green to match my power weapons. While I am still working on my object source lighting techniques, I feel this one went ok.

Iron Warriors Warpsmith right side
While I am glad GW has stopped making new models in Finecast, it was a significant step forward from the metal models and just showcased what is possible for their model makers to do. I hope as they make more characters in plastic, they go back and give all these great miniatures a fresh life in plastic.

Let me know what you think of my Iron Warriors Warpsmith and any other comments below,

Joe B.