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New Models for 6th Edition

I’ve been pouring over the 6th edition rules the last couple of weeks now, and overall I’m excited for the changes. I especially like the idea of over-watch giving my pour renegade guardsmen some protection against assaults. All the minor changes are going to take some time I think to settle out their benefit/cost to the game. From a hobby standpoint and someone who isn’t into the competitive side, I like the idea of the new army structure including allies and structures. Will it get abused? of course, but so will any rule set put out. I’m working on more posts about my guard and Iron Warriors in 6th but as I was reading the rulebook I remembered I had this in the closet of doom (tm mordian 7th):

Chaos Bastion WIP - FrontI had bought one of these when they had come out thinking of actually playing a planet strike game with it (anyone actually plan that expansion?). After hours of scrapping off those blasted Aquillas and gluing the upper walls together wrong, I started painting the Bastion of Fear in corresponding colors to my traitor guard (see my Russes for an example of the finished look). I’ve obviously have much to go, but I like the look on the larger structure.

Chaos Bastion WIP - backThe heavy bolters and lascannon are currently just the black primmer, but they will be a quick addition.

I also had bought the defensive lines to use as well. I have only started on 1 long piece and 2 short pieces because it takes so long to remove the blasted eagle! Anyone know of a better way to cover up the mark of the corpse?

Chaos Defensive Lines

I’m working on making a habit of posting at least once a week, even if it is just WIP or thoughts on new models. So as always, comments, criticisms, and praise are always welcome.