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Removing Aquilas – Creating a Chaos Bastion and Defense Lines

Often the first step in converting, removing Aquilas and other details can help transform your miniature into other factions.

When the Bastion and Aegis Defense Lines were released, I was excited that they had a Chaos Bastion kit as well. I’m sure I was not the only one sorely disappointed, and a bit embarrassed for GW when I realized the “Chaos” bastion was just the usual one with the accessory sprue added in (at an extra cost of course).

Being in product development myself, it just baffled me why GW molded the Aquilas into the kits rather than having it as a glue on piece. They could have then sold Chaos, Ork, or even Tau accessory bits to glue on instead.

But alas, if you want to use these kits for non-zombie worshiping factions, here is how I removed those pesky mutant eagles.

The Tools

First you need the right tool: the chisel Xacto blade! (more info on X-Acto knife here)

I’m not sure what the blade number is for this guy but the key is the flat blade at the tip rather than the edge. The blade is also curved slightly which allows it to reach where we need to go. Picking up a new blade, I would go with the #18 heavy chisel or the #17 smaller chisel for finer details.

The Steps

To remove the Aquila, press the flat of the blade against the edge of the emblem while keeping the flat of the blade as close to parallel with the surface as possible. In a highly scientific maneuver, do a press-wiggle-press motion with the blade until the emblem begins to peel away.

You will be left with a mostly removed bird and bystander casualties, but as you were not pressing the knife directly at your own hand I hope, it should only be neighboring rivets.

Now continuing the press-wiggle-press motion from various directions, the remainder of the carcass can be cleaned up.  A final smoothing can be done by dragging the blade perpendicular to the surface, similar to removing a mold line.

The End Result

Granted, it is not the most beautiful defense line wall anymore, it is aquila free and with a bit of paint, and a touch of ignore the odd blemish, we can move on.

And now you have a dead Aquila to abuse as you wish. I plan on using a couple on my bases as my soldiers march forward.