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Using X-Acto Hobby Knife for miniatures and craft projects

Cool Tools: X-Acto Hobby Knife Blades

Today’s Cool Tool is going to feature the mighty X-Acto hobby knife and the ubiquitous #11 blade. While most hobbyists have a set of X-Acto blades in their hobby supplies, did you know there are a bunch of other blades to use? Right tool, right job. For our hobby, having a sharp blade helps with all sorts of things. Removing parts from sprues, scraping mold lines, cutting off unwanted bits, creating battle damage, and cutting plastic card for kitbashing. Affiliate disclaimer: links to amazon are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy them through my link, I get a tiny cut from Amazon (at no change of price to you). Other than the scalpels that I mention below, everything else is products I use and recommend. So if you need new blades and want to help pay for my server bills, consider the links below. The General #11 Blade That is where the mighty #11 X-Acto blade comes in. This is the ‘standard’ blade that comes with most knife kits and the one you see in the …

Using an X-Acto Chisel blade to remove Aquila

Removing Aquilas – Creating a Chaos Bastion and Defense Lines

Often the first step in converting, removing Aquilas and other details can help transform your miniature into other factions. When the Bastion and Aegis Defense Lines were released, I was excited that they had a Chaos Bastion kit as well. I’m sure I was not the only one sorely disappointed, and a bit embarrassed for GW when I realized the “Chaos” bastion was just the usual one with the accessory sprue added in (at an extra cost of course). Being in product development myself, it just baffled me why GW molded the Aquilas into the kits rather than having it as a glue on piece. They could have then sold Chaos, Ork, or even Tau accessory bits to glue on instead. But alas, if you want to use these kits for non-zombie worshiping factions, here is how I removed those pesky mutant eagles. The Tools First you need the right tool: the chisel Xacto blade! (more info on X-Acto knife here) I’m not sure what the blade number is for this guy but the key is the flat blade at the …