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Ork Deffkoptas for the Death Skull Clan

So clearly from the lack of posts I have been a bit distracted from the world of 40k. It shouldn’t surprise me that it was 6 months ago almost to the day the I last posted, but it is a bit shocking! Any way, I finally got around to finishing the Ork Deffkoptas that have been sitting on my desk these many months.

Ork Deffkoptas from the Assult on Black Reach set


I tried to make this very characterful and full of color since the Death Skulls are renown scrappers. So sections of red and of course blue make their way into different armor plating while the majority of the model is different colors of metal.
The bases were a fun mix of rock, Spackle, and bits. I wanted the bases to have some character rather than the basic clear disk. One base has a dude rocket (probably from one of the koptas!), another has a fallen Iron Warrior, and the third a broken dozer blade.

I’m glad I finally finished these especially since it looks like 6th edition is just around the corner. It was the release of 5th that really got me back into the game and I plan to use this new release as a way to do so again. I have a closet full of models and ideas to work on, it is just a matter of focus and drive.

As always, comments and suggestions are very much welcome!