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Orks for Chirstmas

Well it only took 4 weeks but I have finished my first squad of Ork Boyz! One could argue that I spent a bit too much time on simple boyz, but since I’m doing this for the enjoyment of it, and trying something new, even Boyz get a shiny paint job 🙂

Ork Boyz Squad 1 - Front

Even though these are the Orks from the [amazonify]B000057SRB::text::::Assault on Black Reach[/amazonify] set, they are still detailed and entertaining to paint. From their unique sneers, dangling teef, and cobbled together weapons (there are bolts holding the choppas together!) it was fun picking out the details as I went along.

Ork Boyz Squad 1 - Top

A decided to paint the squad as Death Skulls for two reasons: I like the color blue, and I wanted to try a hand at war paint. So each Ork has sone form of blue face paint, painted weapons, or shoulder tatooes.

Ork Boyz 1 & 2

I was also going for a heavily weathered look so I added rust, teal patina a lots of scratches. Even the mud was brought up the legs, knees and rear ends of the models.

For the most part I followed the painting guide from WD350 where they paint the AoBR Warboss step-by-step. Obviously the blue was replaced for the yellow and I didn’t go nearly into the number of layers/colors that they used, but it was a very handy guide.

Ork Boyz 6, 7, & 8

For the bases I wanted to add lots of texture and follow what I did for my Tau suites. I will be putting together a post on how I did this while I work on the Deffcoptas.

Ork Boyz 9 &10

After painting this squad I can see how some get the green fever and go all out with the Orks. While I was working on the squad I was continually looking up units in the Codex and online, reading Ork blog posts, and in general fantasizing my own Waaaagh! but for now I need to keep it in check as I have a goal to do: four 500 point armies by the end of 2012!